Why Does Mountain Bike Helmets Have Visors?

Why Do Mountain Bike Helmets Have Visors? – [Quick Answer]

Are you a mountain biking enthusiast, wondering “Why do mountain bike helmets have visors?” You’re not alone! This question is a common one among both beginners and experienced riders alike.

Visors offer protection to riders against sun, snow, rain, or dust. When a rider goes through a muddy trail, the visor protects his eyes from dust and mud. Visors also protect you from injuries. Additionally, you can put a camera on the helmet visor to capture your riding adventure.

Apart from this, visors come with many other benefits. You can get a helmet with a fixed or adjustable visor; depending on your choice.

Let’s discuss mountain bike helmet visors to know more about them.

Why Do My Mountain Bikes Come With Visors?

Mountain riding is a difficult task and you may encounter different things that disturb you while riding. So, you will need a mountain bike helmet with visors for a safe and protected riding experience.

mountain bike with visor

Below are some reasons why your helmet has visors.

Prevents Crashes And Accidents:

A helmet visor can efficiently minimize the risk of injuries and accidents. Visors help protect your vision if you encounter any crashes.

Additionally, visors protect against UV rays, debris, rain, snow, mud splashes, obstacles, and hanging branches along your riding trail.

Helmet visors offer a cushioning effect to your face and head by absorbing the shock while falling off your bike.

Protects You From Natural Elements:

Mountain bike helmets have visors that protect you against many natural elements like sun, rain, or snow. When you are enjoying your mountain riding and suddenly rain starts or suddenly the weather gets hot, so in this case, helmet visors protect you in a better way.

While riding a mountain bike you may face sun at eye level. This can be very disturbing and interrupts your riding. A helmet with visors will protect your face from harmful weather effects.

Additionally, visors are very much better than goggles and it is a must-have item before going for a mountain ride.

Gives Shielding From Flying Object:

When you’re on a mountain bike ride, you may face different flying objects like insects, flying branches, or dust. These hanging branches can hurt your face or eyes.

Additionally, mud and dust can splash on your face. So, to avoid this situation, you will need a helmet with visors.

A visor can keep your face free from harmful elements. That means you will feel protected and safe while riding.

Use For Bike Accessories:

If your helmet has visors you can attach a camera with it to capture your memorable ride experience. Additionally, if you are riding at night, you can attach a light with a visor.

Shields You From UV Rays:

Visors can protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Because if your eyes are exposed to the sun for a long time it can cause photokeratitis. Mountain bikers spend much time outside so there is a risk that they develop this decreased vision issue.

So, in this case your helmet visors are very helpful to block the UV rays.

Reduces Injurious:

If you have visors while riding on a bike, you will look better on the trail. You will look clearer with visors. While riding on a mountain bike you may encounter some low-hanging branches. When you want to pass them it may get in your eyes.

Helmet visors will serve as a protective shield from these natural harmful elements. So, you will enjoy your ride safely.

Type Of Helmet Visors:

helmat Visors types

There are many types of helmet visors. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Fixed Visor:

Fixed visors are fitted with your helmet. Fixed visors are molded into the mountain bike helmet’s body, which makes them stay in place without any movement.

This type of visor will protect you against sun exposure. Additionally, these are a budget-friendly option.

Adjustable Visors:

Another type of visor is the adjustable visor. Adjustable visors are attached to the helmet with the help of screws. These visors are removable and have better functionality.

Moreover, adjustable visors are broader in design as compared to fixed visors, so provides better protection.

Detachable Visors:

Both adjustable and fixed visors can be detachable depending on the type of visor. If a visor is fixed with your helmet with the help of a screw then it can be removed for proper cleaning.

mountain biker with visor

Rather than screw, you can also fix a detachable visor on the helmet through strong magnets or plastic bands.


Mountain bike helmets with visors can efficiently protect you against natural harmful elements like hanging branches, sun, rain, or dust. Visors can shield you from obstacles on the trail. Additionally, you can also put some accessories like a camera on your visor.

The main aim of the visor is to protect the rider from enjoying a safe ride.

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