How To Whip A Mountain Bike

How To Whip a Mountain Bike Like a Boss? – [From Beginner to Pro]

A bike rider wants to learn whipping skills to take his jumping skills to the next level. Whipping doesn’t only upgrade the rider’s style but also helps in a smoother and faster ride.

Whipping a mountain bike requires some tips and tricks for jumping up and taking a 360-degree turn before landing on the ground. It requires great control and balance to jump in the air and then land safely.

In this guide, you will get to know all the steps of whipping a mountain bike like a pro. So, let’s start it.

How Can I Whip A Mountain Bike Like A Pro?

We have summarized some of the points that you have to consider while whipping up a mountain bike. Let’s discuss them.

Jump Confidently:

The first thing that you should do to whip a mountain bike is to achieve a sense of balance and confidence. Both of these factors help you avoid any accidents or injuries.

Try to focus on what you are doing and feel confident about it. If you are a beginner, do not try any tricks. You should start with the small jumps.

How to do it? – For jumping, you should build your upper body strength. Additionally, you should have knowledge of how to control your bike in the air. While jumping in the air your speed, good posture, and standing well on the pedals are important.

Prepare Your Body:

One of the best factors in whipping a mountain bike is to learn some tricks for getting a good grip on your bike.

Holding a mountain bike well is the key factor, if you cannot hold the bike properly then all your efforts are not worth it.

How to do it – When you jump, you have to bend your knees and keep them in a bending position until the maximum effort of the trick. Additionally, loosen your hands during jumping.

Carving is referred to as “back and forth” body motion. For a sideway of the whip, do a carving movement during the leap. In this way, you will turn the bike’s front wheel to the side.

Move Your Hips:

During whipping, your body and hips should align with the whip direction. So, your hips should lead your overall body.

In case, if you don’t move your hips, there is a chance of falling.

Landing On Ground:

Landing on the ground requires a lot of tricks. To land safely, your position and momentum matter.

Moreover, it’s impossible to land a mountain bike that moves in sideways. So it is dangerous to prepare your bike to land on the ground while it’s in the air.

Safe landing on the ground includes bent knees and a stable bike position.

Tips And Tricks For Whipping Mountain Bike:

Whipping Mountain Bike

Let’s discuss some tips for the perfect whipping of a mountain bike.

Properly Know The Trails:

A rider should never whip the bike on a rocky surface because it is the biggest mistake. To avoid this issue, a rider should properly know the trail.

In case, if a rider is not familiar with the path or trails, then practice some easier trails from which you are familiar.

Additionally, you should look for a suitable place that has minimum chances of any accidents.

Know About Your Bike:

When you decide on a trail for whipping the mountain bike, ensure that you have proper knowledge about your bike. You should know the bike movements during a whip.

To know better about your bike’s features, you should do enough practice until you know it perfectly.

Do A Lot Of Practice:

To improve your skills, you require a lot of practice. Whipping a mountain bike requires much practice and patience.

To perform this trick, you have to move your body as one. So this point can be achieved only by practice and allows you to prevent yourself from any accidents.

Figure Out Obstacles:

When you want to overcome obstacles, your precision and speed matter a lot. In an area with obstacles, you require some techniques.

figure out Obstacles

You should know how to jump from the obstacle and how far the bottom is.

Consider Your Safety:

Before whipping a mountain bike, consider your safety parameters. You should wear body protectors and helmets for your safety. Additionally, your bike must be well-maintained and in a good condition.

To avoid any accident, you should be comfortable while whipping a mountain bike. When you practice with your whip, you should have fun during your learning process.

Final Argument

A good grip on your mountain bike is the key to whipping. You should practice hard as any point of distraction like wind or any sudden adjustment should not bother you while jumping.

Following all the above-mentioned tips you should have a safer riding experience.

Practice hard as it helps in perfect whipping. When you learn to whip a mountain bike, it is one of the most exciting feelings!

Hope this guide will help you learn many new techniques!

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