What Size Mountain Bike For 6 Foot Man?

What Size Mountain Bike For 6 Foot Man? – [Complete Details]

Biking size is a most crucial part of a riding journey. Getting the right size bike is just a matter of comfort.

Mountain bikes have standardized measurements. A man with a 6-foot height needs a bike frame of size 19 and 21 inches; considering the inseam measurement.

Right-size mountain bikes have many benefits. Let’s discuss different bike sizes according to height and how to measure them.

How Can I Measure The Right Size For Your Bike?

To have an idea about the bike frame according to your height, you can check out the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

choosing the right size bike

Below is the standard size chart for the right bike frame. Have a look;

  • 6’4″ and taller man will need a 23+ inches bike frame
  • 6’2″ – 6’4″ will need a 21 – 23 bike frame
  • 6’0″ – 6’2″ will need a 19 – 21 bike frame
  • 5’7″ – 5’11” will need a 17 – 19 bike frame
  • 5’3″ – 5’7″ will need a 15 – 17 bike frame
  • 4’11” – 5’3″ will need a 13 – 15 bike frame

For a 6-foot man, a 19 to 21 inches bike frame is ideal.

How To Take The Size Of A Mountain Bike?

Most mountain bikes come in Small, Medium, or Large sizes. In different sizes, only the frame sizes of bikes are changed. However, the suspension, wheel size, or geometry of a bike remains the same.

You can measure the size of your bike with seat tube length, that is a traditional method. Most mountain bikes have very low standover height, so if you measure your legs flat-footed, it won’t work out.

You can get help from the shop assistant to get the right size bike according to your height.

Below are some steps that you have to take to get an accurate bike size.

Measure Your Legs Height:

Your first step is to measure the pubic bone height. This is an important step to get your bike frame size. If you want to measure the pubic bone height, you have to measure the distance between your pubic bone base to your heel base.

For measurement, follow your leg inside with standard tape. You can also wear your shoes with which you will do cycling.

Match The Measurements:

When you are done with the pubic bone measurement, you can match these measurements to a bike size chart. So, in this way, you will get a specific size of your bike’s frame.

When you are buying a mountain bike, the seat tube measurement related to the height of your pubic bone indicates the bike’s size.

Mountain bikes have standard measurements. If a man is 6 foot, his bike frame measurement will be between 19 to 21 inches; depending on the inseam measurement.

Perfect Bike Fitting:

To perfectly fit in your bike, you have to ensure that your bike’s seat is at an optimal height. You can adjust the seat of your bike to a point where your feet comfortably touch the pedal.

To adjust it, your knee must be perfectly straight or in a slightly bent position. Then hold the handlebars and adjust your bike’s seat tilt; however, all your weight should be on your bones and hips.

Check The Balance Of Your Bike:

For ultimate control and balancing of your bike, you have to check the stem length and height of the handlebars. For this, lean forward comfortably on your bike while your elbows are slightly bent, your head should be pointed straight naturally and you should be in a relaxed position.

You require a stem to measure the last inch between the handlebar and headset. You can try out multiple stem sizes and heights until you will get the most comfortable measurement for you.

Why Should You Get The Correct Size Bike?

Buying a right size bike is very important. Because if your bike’s size is incorrect, your step will not comfortably touch the pedal. Bike size is also dependent on your body position and how you control it.

Correct Size Bike

When you have a too-big or too-small size bike, it will result in uncomfortable riding. Additionally, it will cause many issues.

Back Pain:

Your posture on the bike is very important. If you’re riding a frame that is not according to your height then it will cause you back pain, especially in your lower back. If you adjust your handlebar or seat post, it won’t compensate for the wrong bike size.


Everyone wants a perfect size bike; the major reason is pedal efficiency. When you have a perfect size bike, you get proper distance for leg positioning. In this way, you can run the pedal comfortably without any difficulty.

Wrist pain:

If you spend a long time on the wrong size bike, your wrists will start to brunt because of the bad positioning of your hand. Your body positioning puts all the pressure on your wrists. In large-frame bikes, you need to reach further for controlling your bike, which will lead to fatigue.

With the right size bike, you have better control on your bike. If you have a bike that is too large, you cannot control it in a better way. Resultantly, the chance of a crash increases.


A right size mountain bike according to your height is very important. If your bike frame is too small you will not run it efficiently. If you have too large bike frames, you cannot control them.

You should perfectly fit your mountain bike to get a perfect riding experience.

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