What Size Mountain Bike Do I Need

What Size Mountain Bike Do I Need? – [Finding Your Perfect Fit]

Determining your mountain bike size is very important. If you get the wrong size bike according to your height, it will lead to many problems.

Mountain bike size varies from person to person. You have to choose your mountain bike size according to your height. Buying a wrong size bike will lead to an uncomfortable riding experience.

Keep reading this guide to know about mountain bike sizes.

Mountain Bike Size

mountain bike size

With the help of the below chart, you can find out the perfect bike size for you:

Frame SizeRider Height

This chart provides you with a proper guide about the bike size. Bike size for every rider varies because of varying frame geometry and person’s height.

How To Determine The Mountain Bike Size?

Mountain bikes come in multiple sizes; S, M, L. So you can choose the bike size according to your height. Many brands provide a size chart that has height ranges for every bike size. When you understand bike geometry, you can easily compare one bike to the other in terms of fitness. You can choose the best bike size for you depending on the;

  • Reach
  • Effective top tube length
  • Standover height
  • Seat height

How Mountain Bike Geometry Measurements Are Helpful In Determining The Right Size Of A Bike?

Mountain bike geometry is actually “the bike shape”. The overall geometry or shape of the bike is dependent on multiple measurements. These geometric measurements are very necessary for the style, fit, and feel of the mountain bike.

Let’s have a look at the bike geometry measurements and know how they affect your bike size.


Mountain bike stack is also an important geometry measurement for bikes. Stack is the vertical distance between the head tube center and bottom bracket. This measurement can be adjusted to some extent, with handlebar rise and headset spacers to increase the height of the stack.

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If you need a mountain bike for standing riding position, with a seat down, then you should consider the stack measurement.


The reach is defined as the horizontal distance between the center of the head tube to the bottom bracket of a mountain bike. This is one of the most important factors in deciding the bike size. Because it mainly has an effect on your bike’s cockpit length in a  standing position on the pedals.

Additionally, it also affects your hip’s motion range to get a strong riding position.


Many factors affect the wheelbase length that includes reach, head tube angle, and chainstay length. Wheelbase is the combination of all these factors. Increasing the wheelbase will increase the distance between the front and rear axles. On the other hand, if the wheelbase shortens, it will make your mountain bike more versatile.


Head Tube Angle:

Head tube angle is defined as the angle between the ground and the front fork of your mountain bike. This is the main factor that is important to determine the front-wheel characteristics.

Chainstay Length:

Chainstay length is personalized for each bike rider. This geometric measurement determines the distance between the rear axle and the rider’s center of mass. If your mountain bike has a short chainstay, it allows the rider to be more concerned with their weight. Additionally, if you want stability, you should go for the bike having longer chainstays.

Bottom Bracket Height:

The Bottom Bracket Height is defined as the distance between the center of your cranks and the ground. This measurement is very helpful in determining how you can ride a mountain bike.

What Things To Consider For The Right Bike Size?

mountain bike

Your height is the main factor in determining the right size for your mountain bike. So you can consider the manufacturer’s bike size chart. Additionally, you can consider the following factors to determine your bike size.

Frame Geometry:

Each bike frame is different. You have to test different bike models before buying one that suits your riding style and body.

Riding Style:

If you are an aggressive rider and want a stable feel, then you should go for a bike with a larger frame, longer wheelbase and roomier cockpit. On the other hand, if you want a relaxed position, then you should go for a smaller size.

Wheel Size:

Most brands offer similar size wheels for various frame sizes. Usually, large 29” wheels are suitable for adults. But it is appropriate for smaller riders.

Skill Level:

The skill level of the rider is a very important factor in deciding the bike size. If you are a skilled rider you can handle the larger frames.

A skilled rider can also achieve stability while descending from a higher point. But if you are a beginner, you should get a mountain bike that has comfortable control.


Buying a perfect-size bike for mountain riding is very important. In different bike sizes, only the frame of the bike changes, and the rest of the accessories remain the same. You can see the manufacturer’s bike size chart to measure your bike size according to your height.

To enjoy safe and comfortable mountain riding, choose the perfect bike size for you.

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