What Is A Dropper Post On A Mountain Bike?

What Is A Dropper Post On A Mountain Bike? – [Visual Guide]

My friend and I were enjoying a mountain bike ride, and I started feeling uncomfortable on the seat. When I asked my friend what could be the reasons he asked me, are using a traditional Seat-post?

I replied; yes

He told me that’s what you are doing wrong; he suggested that use dropper posts.

After a little more research, I came to understand that it helps us to adjust the height of the seat and gives us control and comfort.

So, one of the most significant advancements in cycling in the past ten years is the dropper post. They are likely the advanced version of the seat post for the bike.

But what you should want to know about it is to buy one.

To get further details like what they are, how they work, and who uses them, continue reading the article;

How Do Dropper Posts Work, And What Are They Used For?

Dropper Post On A Mountain Bike

A dropper post, often known as a dropper, is a replacement for the seat post on your bike that enables fast adjustments to saddle height without having you dismount or even stop pedaling.

Although there are a few electronic/wireless posts, cable actuation is the most common method of operation for droppers.

As you would have imagined, a cable links the lever generally found on the handlebar to the dropper post.

The dropper post actuator is pulled by pulling the cable while pushing the lever, allowing the post to rise or fall.

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How Does A Dropper Post Operate?

The majority of droppers function by connecting a cable from the dropper post to a lever, which is usually found on the handlebar.

There are more and more options and techniques for operating your dropper on the market, including electronic/wireless posts and the non-wireless Reverb, which connects to the remote by a hydraulic line.

One of the world’s first completely integrated, lightweight automated dropper posts, the new BMC Autodrop system runs on compressed air that is kept in a tank within the frame.

There are many possibilities to suit all budgets as manufacturers create Inventive models.

However, the more sophisticated ones are more expensive.

Most droppers will be cabled and operate similarly to shifting gears on a bike.

The dropper post may be raised or lowered by pulling on the cable with the lever pushed.

  • Therefore, pulling the lever while sitting will fully lower the post
  • Pushing the lever again while standing will fully raise the dropper post into your selected riding position.

Pretty simple yet quite powerful.

What Things To Consider While Buying A Dropper Post?

Here are some points to take into account when purchasing a dropper post:

Dropper Post On A Bike

1. Cable Routing:

Dropper seat posts link the lever or remote on the handlebars to the seat post itself via wires.

These cables may either go internally (inside your bike’s frame) or externally from the bars to the post. Some bikes are designed for internal, or “stealth,” routing, which lessens clutter and the possibility of anything being tangled.

Externally routed dropper posts, however, are simpler to install and maintain.

2. Travel:

Think about how much you need to travel. Shorter travel dropper posts are preferable for cross-country riding, whereas longer travel dropper posts are ideal for descending steep terrain.

3. Compatibility:

Make sure your frame and seat collar are compatible with the dropper post. Select a dropper post whose diameter matches that of your Seatpost. To guarantee the proper fit, measure the seat tube’s internal diameter.

4. Brand and Model:

Find a brand and model with a solid reputation for dependability and performance by researching various brands and models.

5. Mechanical vs. Hydraulic vs. Electronic dropper:

Decide if you want a mechanical or hydraulic dropper post for action. While hydraulic dropper posts are controlled by a pipe filled with fluid, mechanical dropper posts are controlled by a cable. Although more costly, hydraulic dropper posts are often smoother and more dependable.

6. Price:

Determine your price range when searching for a dropper post. Never forget that you always get what you pay for, so making a one-time investment in a high-quality dropper post might save you money over time by lowering the frequency of repairs or replacements.

7. Weight:

If you’re looking to reduce your bike’s weight, consider the dropper post’s weight.

How Come A Dropper Seat Post Is Used?

The dropper is designed to offer the ideal saddle height for both ascending and descending. Your seat should be at the height that will provide the most effective power transmission when you have to pedal. The appropriate saddle height for descending is much lower, thus dropping more quickly.

Advantages Of Using A Dropper Post

Descending Faster:

The saddle and seat post might get in the way of your weight shifts on a downhill; thus, lowering the seat is recommended.

Getting your body behind the saddle may be challenging when you have to place your weight over the back wheel while going down a steep slope.

With it out of the way, you may descend more confidently, ride areas you previously walked, and descend more quickly. Even though not all of us are racers, moving faster usually equals greater enjoyment.

Safely lower yourself:

The most crucial factor is to descend the mountain safely, regardless of speed. You may prevent such collisions by positioning yourself on the bike to tackle obstacles effectively.

Disadvantages Of Using A Dropper Post:

Although component manufacturers have improved dropper posts throughout the years, they still have several shortcomings.


Naturally, a dropper post will be made of much more material and have more mechanical components than a regular post. The additional grams are a significant factor for serious XC racers (and self-described weight weenies).


Only those prepared to invest a significant amount of money in their bike will be able to afford dropper posts since they are still fairly pricey.

It could be a worthwhile buy if you ride off-road often. And you get to wow your riding companions with your new equipment.

Additional Maintenance Your bike now has an additional, complex component that needs maintenance.

Do I Need A Dropper Post?

DO i need a Dropper Post On A Mountain Bike

Riders like dropper posts because they are a special tool that makes riding a bike more enjoyable and available to everyone, and they are fantastic for everybody who owns a bike.

Due to its advantages for all riders, they first gained popularity in the mountain bike sector and have since extended to the rest of the cycling community.

A dropper post can be the best option if you think efficiency and safety are more essential than a little weight reduction.

Why Do Dropper Posts Cost So Much?

Dropper posts are pricey because they are highly intricate equipment developed for a tiny percentage of the riding population, notably skilled mountain bikers.

Since the manufacturing volume is minimal compared to more popular bike components, the makers charge extra to cover their expenditures and earn a profit.

The targeted clients cooperate since the functionality given by a dropper is highly essential to them.


Mountain bikes often include dropper posts because they enable the rider to lower the seat out of the way while descending difficult terrain or doing complex maneuvers.

While some individuals consider dropper posts to be a necessary part of their mountain bike setup, others may not. In the end, a rider’s specific riding demands and riding style will determine if a dropper post is a suitable solution for them.

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