Can You Put Drop Handlebars on a Mountain Bike?

Can You Put Drop Handlebars on a Mountain Bike? – [Quick Ans]

One of the best ways to appreciate nature is through mountain riding. Changing your handlebars is a simple method to improve the quality of your mountain bike trips and your speed. It is why many mountain bikers like to install drop handlebars on their bikes.

To answer your question, You can modify a mountain bike to have drop handlebars. Make sure the mountain bike drop bars fit by purchasing a new stem and brake cable.

Drop handlebars provide a wider variety of hand positions, lessen wind resistance on descents, and facilitate a more comfortable ascent over steeper terrain.

Read on to find out some of the aspects to consider when deciding whether or not to install drop bars on your mountain bike.

How to Put Mountain Bike Drop Handlebars?

handlebars of mountain bike

If you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that drop bars are the way to go and you’ve acquired the ideal set, the next step is to have them mounted.

Going to a bike shop and having them fix it for you is much simpler if money is not an issue. If this is not the case, however, you need to follow these steps to install the drop bars and be on your way.

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Gather the required equipment, cut the cables, and remove the existing plugs, gears, and brakes from the mountain bike before installing the drop bars. Afterward, get rid of the current grips. Next, tape over the threads of the new drop bars and add thread locker or lubricant to the threads of the faceplate bolts.

1. Check that you have everything you need:

First, you should check that you have everything you need to do the task. The only thing worse than getting your hands dirty with bike oil is getting halfway through a job and realizing you overlooked something crucial.

Gather a ruler, angle gauge, knife, scissors, wrench, torque driver, lubricant, and assembly compound for the new drop handlebars. It’s preferable to be prepared with everything listed here, even if you don’t end up using it all.

2. Remove the current plugs, shifters, and brakes:

Ensure that all of the components linked to your new handlebar are removed before attempting to remove the handlebar. Ensure the flat handlebar is free of plugs, shifters, or brakes.

3. Cut the wires and take out the old grips and front panel:

If you need to replace the wires on your bike, you can cut the old ones at any angle and use the measurements to size the new ones properly. The previous handlebar and stem may be removed by loosening the stem bolts. Due to the shorter standard length of mountain bike stems, a road bike stem must be used in conjunction with mountain bike drop bars to provide enough reach to the hooks.

4. Lubricate the Bolt Threads on the Faceplate with Grease:

You must have a snug fit with your new drop bars. That’s why it’s important to lubricate or lock the threads on your faceplate bolts. You can get this medium-strength bike thread locker from Parks Tool online, which will keep your drop bars from turning while you’re riding.

This assembly compound should be used in place of the traditional bar tape at the stem end of your carbon drop bar.

Ensure your drop bars are properly attached to your bike for your protection. Vibration from your bike’s slack handlebars might create numb fingers and make it difficult to maintain your grip.

5. Attach Your New Drop Bars:

Attach handle bar to bike

Slide on the levers and lay your handlebars on the ground before you attempt to install your new drop handlebars. You can check to see whether the levers are centered in this manner. The stem should be attached first, followed by the drop bars, which You should tighten as you move along. After that, you’ll wrap your handlebars before installing your new connectors, shifters, and brakes.

6. Wrapping Your New Handlebars:

The next step is to wrap your handlebars with specialized tape designed for bike handlebars, as seen below. When you wrap them, not only do you guarantee that you have a strong grip on your bike while riding, but you also keep all of your cables properly wrapped out of your way such that you don’t get your cables twisted up and fall off your bike.

Why You Should Put Drop Bars on a Mountain Bike?

Handlebars, known as drop bars, allow the rider to rest their hands either on the upper portion of the handlebars or beneath the bar itself, bringing the rider closer to the head tube and stem of the bicycle. Anyone who enjoys riding on off-road excursions, sandy roads, or two-track and dirt roads should consider installing drop bars on their bikes.

There are a lot more perks that come along with installing drop bars on a mountain bike. Drop bars give the rider more alternatives when climbing steeper terrain on a mountain bike. Because of the generated aerodynamic effects, drops assist lower the force of drag, which enables riders to ride more quickly by letting them lean forward, ride for longer distances, and provide a variety of gripping positions.

handlebar on a mountain bike

You should consider installing drop bars if you want a quicker, more intense ride on your mountain bike. These bars are ideal for those who are speed demons or want to preserve as much energy as possible while going on lengthy rides.


Mountain bikes excel on various terrains and are also convenient for lengthy commuting. However, in most cases, they are equipped with flat handlebars, which might reduce the speed of the bike and its overall efficiency.

Mounting drop bars on your mountain bike will be the best solution for dealing with this issue. The procedure could sometimes be difficult, but completing it is certainly possible.

This post should offer you all the information you need to set up a new handlebar successfully, and I am certain I have done so. A fast read-through of this guide should help you convert the handlebars on your mountain bike to drop bars. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How about drop bars on a mountain bike?

Each mountain bike can have drops attached, but they shouldn’t. For instance, most mountain bikes have a geometry that doesn’t work so well with drop bars since the reach is much greater.

Can drop handlebars be added to any bike?

The simple answer is yes, but several issues arise when you do so, and the bike will operate differently and behave differently.

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