Can You Put Cruiser Bars on a Mountain Bike?

Can You Put Cruiser Bars on a Mountain Bike? – [Simple Steps]

Do you want to know whether cruiser handlebars may be installed on a mountain bike? Cruiser bars are prevalent and an excellent option. The upright stance might make the journey more comfortable.

But before proceeding, you must acquire some information. Converting a mountain bike’s handlebars would benefit from enough understanding. It will aid in making the correct decision and ensuring proper installation.

There is no doubt that cruiser bars can be installed on mountain bikes. However, you must confirm that the diameters of the handlebars and stem are suitable. This modification might enhance comfort but alter the vehicle’s geometry and impair mobility.

Continue reading to learn more about if you are doing it appropriately.

Handlebar And Stem Diameter:

  • If you possess a vintage mountain bike with a suspension system, look for cruiser bars with a 25.4mm diameter.
  • Designs with 25.4mm or 31.8mm are advantageous for contemporary MTB stems.

bike stem

Nonetheless, a shim may compensate if you have narrow cruiser bars for the stem. These metal sections wrap around the bars fast and provide additional diameter. Even though this would not be an aesthetically pleasing option, it can work on non-aggressive off-road motorcycles.


Cruiser bars have a substantial raise that puts the rider upright. Additionally, this would increase the pressure on the sit bones.

MTB saddles are often constructed with a forward lean. These are only sometimes capable of providing the comfort necessary for riding upright. Therefore, changing the saddle for commuting might be advantageous. It provides mountain bike handlebars with comfort.

Shifters and brake levers:

MTB shifters and brake levers are typically built for flat handlebars. Thus, installation immediately on new bars is simplified. For a clean design, you may need to extend or shorten the housing and wires.


YOU may transfer the original grips to new cruiser bars.

The Best Kickstand for Mountain Bike: Reviews and Recommendations – A page for comprehensive reviews and recommendations of the best kickstands, according to mountain bike models.

What are the benefits of switching to cruiser bars?

Now that you’ve opted to add cruiser bars to mountain bikes, you want more information. Consequently, this section will examine some of the key advantages.

Reduce strain on your back:

Cruiser handlebars emphasize upright stances. It reduces the strain on your back.

Reduce pressure on your wrist:

Using cruiser bars may significantly lessen the strain on your wrist because it supports less weight and is positioned more neutrally.

Enhancement of Visibility in Traffic:

You will have a higher sitting position when you have an upright posture. It will result in increased visibility. Both you and other drivers can see you.

Comfortable riding:

The cruiser bicycle’s handlebars promote daily cycling. It may ensure that it is less aggressive.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Changing To Cruiser Bars?

cruiser bar

No longer an MTB:

When cruiser bars are added to a mountain bike, it ceases to be a bike. Due to a lack of leverage, cruiser bars will not operate as intended in off-road conditions. The ideal bars are risers or flat bars.

Those who intend to refrain from utilizing their mountain bike as an MTB should modify its handlebars into cruiser bars. You should avoid inviting accidents on purpose.

Tension on the Sit bones:

Adding cruiser bars to a mountain bike might place riders in an upright posture. It tends to transfer more weight to the rear wheels. It may result in increased pressure on the sit bones.

More Drag:

When the cyclist is in an upright posture, body drag also rises. It is all about aerodynamics, which makes the city bike parallel to the ground. For MTB bicycles with cruiser handlebars, achieving the position is simple.

Therefore, converting a mountain bike into a fast hybrid may be a poor decision. Cruiser bars are not the best option.

What are the other options for a cruiser bicycle’s handlebars?

To avoid converting to cruiser bars, you should be familiar with the alternatives. You may obtain identical advantages through numerous methods.

So let’s examine the several choices that you could find intriguing. It would also guarantee that a mountain bike’s handlebars are comfy.

Look for the stem’s height:

If your mountain bike has flat handlebars and you wish to be taller, swap to a stem with a greater rise.

Change to BMX Bars:

You may pick the riser bars, which can provide a respectable elevation. MTB-specific BLX handlebars might be advantageous to choose from.

Elevating the stem:

If your mountain bike has a quail stem, this is the case. Lifting gets easy. Release the stem bolt and lift the plant upward. You must adhere to the maximum height indicated on your stem to ensure you succeed.

Look for bars with alternating hand positions:

Different handlebars are available for mountain bikes with upright handlebars. You can select other handles that may better suit your needs. A butterfly handlebar is one of the most popular options.

Can Cruiser Handlebars Be Used With Older Mountain Bikes?

Commuter bicycles are meant for cycling on the street. Most of these are kept in secure outdoor locations. Full-suspension mountain bikes are dangerous. Primarily, it is sluggish on paved roads. Having it sitting outside your house all the time is also prohibitively costly.

cruiser bar for MTB

As such, it’s important to know why you’re picking one before you choose it. Ensure that your comfort is a top priority. With any luck, this information will help you search for a bicycle with cruiser handlebars.


You should be able to decide which bicycle to buy now that you know so much about cruisers with drop handlebars. Keep in mind that these bars have their drawbacks and benefits. Armed with all the necessary information, you can make the best choice.

MTBs are not ideal for mountainous areas due to the cruiser bars that make the bike seem more like a regular commuting bike. That’s why it’s crucial first to assess your requirements.

Keeping your body in an upright position is one of the main benefits. As a result, even in the most minimalist of urban settings, mountain bikes outfitted with comfort handlebars may provide a welcome touch.

Without further ado, therefore, convert with cruiser bars if you’re looking for a relaxed ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can a cruiser tire be mounted on a mountain bike?

Yes, you may choose tires that are optimal for the terrain you ride on for almost any bicycle.

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