Can You Put A BMX Seat On A Mountain Bike?

Can You Put A BMX Seat On A Mountain Bike? – [Complete Info]

Mountain bikes have a seat that is not comfortable for long-riding sessions.  That’s why most people want to put BMX seats on their mountain bikes. But can you put a BMX seat on a mountain bike? Nowadays, modern BMX bikes are equipped with pivotal seats.

If you want to change your existing mountain bike seat with the BMX seat, you have to replace the mountain bike seat post with a dedicated BMX model.

Due to incompatible mounting technology, it is not possible to put a pivotal BMX seat post on your standard MTB seat post. Let me make things clear for you by sharing the details about mountain bike seats, BMX seats, and Pivotal seats.

What is a Pivotal seat?

In simple words, a pivotal seat allows you to adjust the seat angle according to your convenience. The pivotal seat offers three prime positions, including horizontal, pointing up, and pointing down.

Pivotal Seat for mtb

Typically, riders prefer to leave their seat either pointing up or leveling with the ground.  The pointing-up seat position minimizes the chances of touching it when you perform bunny hops and manuals, as the back of the seat is as close as possible to the back wheel.

Also, such seat position helps to execute different tricks as the rider can use the front part as a lever more efficiently.

Pivotal seat Pros:

Here are some prime benefits of pivotal seats.

Quick adjustment:

You can access the bolt connection of the seat to the seat post through the bottom or top of the seat. As a result, you can quickly adjust the angle of the seat according to your riding needs.

No bent rails:

These seats don’t have rails. Instead, pivotal seats have a body manufactured of molded plastic with a decent base that connects directly to the seat post through a single bolt.

The bed of the seat post and the base of the seat have teeth to allow you to modify the level of the seat post.

The pivotal seat isn’t compatible with the MTB seat Post.

A typical MTB seat post features two-piece clamps that squeeze the rails of the saddle.  That’s why the MTB seat post is compatible only with seat posts featuring rails.

If you are looking to run a pivotal seat, you need to get a pivotal seat post.

How to install a Pivotal Seat Post on an MTB?

BMX bike frames are manufactured with steel as this material is durable, impact resistant, and flexible that bends before breaking.

BMX bikes feature thin tuning due to the steel.  Remember, steel is denser than aluminum which is commonly used in MTBs. Typically; BMX bikes have seat post with a 25.4mm/1” diameter, while MTBs has 31.8mm seat posts.

Pivotal Seat

If you are looking to install a BMX seat post on your MTB, it is advised to use a shim to enhance the thickness of a seat post.

The Seat Post Length:

Remember, a BMX seat isn’t created for seated riding.  The prime purpose of a BMX seat is to help short rest in long-riding sessions.  That’s why it has lowered design all the way down to get it out of the way when doing tricks.

Do you know the BMX seat post has an ultra-short length (13.5 cm) to save weight?

A seat post with a 13.5cm length offers insufficient seating for riding on modern mountain bikes with a short seat tube and a slack geometry.

However, you can find long BMX posts up to 34cm for convenient seating.  But if you ride a smaller frame, such size won’t be enough for you.

It is essential to measure how much the MTB seat post is showing to prevent unwanted situations.  If you don’t have one, it is better to use a friend’s bike for assessment.  Make sure the BMX post you want to use to install a pivotal seat is long enough to provide the essential height while still its decreased insertion length into the seat tube.

Remember, the minimum insertion length is 3-4 inches.

For instance, if you are looking for 300mm of height from your seat post that features a length of 330mm, the combination will not work as the minimum insertion length of your seat will not be respected.  It may result in a damaged seat post or seat tube.

However, if you are looking for 20mm of height from your seat post with a total length of 3300, such a combination is ideal for you.

Can you install a BMX seat with rails on an MTB right away?

An MTB seat post is specially designed for a seat with rail, but it doesn’t mean that every rail BMX seat fits. It is advised to take the following measurements to check whether an MTB seat post and a BMX seat are compatible or not.

  • The distance between the rails
  • The diameter of the rails

There are BMX seats available with oversized rails for additional strength.  Such models will not fit on typical MTB set posts made for seats with 7mm rails. Also, there are ultra-narrow seats available on the market to reduce the possibility of touching the seat while performing stunts.

BMX Seats

This is one of the common reasons why seat rails are narrow and not compatible with MTB seat posts.

BMX Seat Pros:

If you compare the benefits of a regular MTB seat and a BMX seat, you will be surprised that BMX seats don’t offer significant benefits over MTB seat posts.

However, one excellent advantage of a BMX seat is the ability to pivot the seat.  Remember, this quality is ideal for people who prefer street riding.

Perhaps this is one reason why some riders want to install BMX components on MTBs.

BMX Seat Cons:

A pivotal seat isn’t compatible with a dropper seat post. Nowadays, a modern MTB has a dropper seat post to make your riding experience more dynamic.

The dropper seat post features an attachment system that doesn’t accept a pivotal BMX seat.

A BMX seat isn’t comfortable as they are not designed for long-distance seated riding.  It is better to go with the models made for actual cycling to enjoy additional comfort.

How to install an MTX seat on a BMX?

A standard MTB seat has a rail. It is essential to choose a seat post that operates with a clamp to install the seat on a BMX. If your seat post matches the requirements, you can take it to the nearby shop to check which MTB seat would fit.

There are BMX seats with thicker rails compared to standard. If you have one of those, it is recommended to utilize a dedicated MTB seat post, as the mounting system on your existing BMX seat post won’t have the option to switch.

Final words

So, if you want to put a BMX seat on a mountain bike, you need a BMX seat post mode for a pivotal seat, as nowadays, BMX seats are pivotal. Various BMX seats have rails, and if the distance and the thickness between the rails match that of a mountain bike seat, you can easily install the seat on MTB seat posts.

BMX seats allow changing the level of the seat, which is a great benefit for those who prefer frequent seat level changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are seats so low on BMX bikes?

BMX bike seats are low as they are designed for stunts and stand-up riding.  Riding out of the saddle offer more speed and power during the race, and a low seat design is the best option for it.

Is it easier to ride a mountain or BMX bike?

Mountain bikes provide a smooth riding experience compared to BMX bikes.  The suspension is available on the front or rear side of the side, which helps to negotiate hard terrain without abusing their arms, legs, and rear. On the other hand, BMX bikes have shock absorptions for the arms and legs of the rider.

Why do BMX riders ride with no brakes?

BMX riders prefer riding without brakes, as brakeless rides promote the ability to perform tricks.  This is an important aspect for most riders when choosing a BMX bike.

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