Can You Use BMX Cranks On Mountain Bikes?

Can You Put BMX Cranks On Mountain Bikes? – [Answered]

Yes, you can easily put BMX cranks on a mountain bike. Most of the time, the process needs a British BMX bottom bracket (also called a “Euro BB”) with the same inner diameter as the spindle (either 19 or 22mm).

One part of BMX bikes that doesn’t get enough love is the crank. They are considered necessary and important parts of a bike, but most riders don’t give them much thought.

What are BMX cranks?

Cranks are part of the crankset or chainset that work with a mountain bike to turn the turning motion of a cyclist’s legs into power for the bike’s wheels. Most of the time, the best mountain bike cranks only have one front chain ring directly attached to the drive-side arm.

Drivetrain improvements have also made the chain more stable and increased the range of gears at the cassette. You can easily put BMX cranks on a mountain bike by the following method.

Bmx cranks on bike

In general, mountain bike cranks are shorter than some BMX cranks. Reason? Muscles and joints are less stressed when the cranks are shorter.

Less weight and pressure on the joints means that your hips, back, knees, and other body parts won’t hurt while you ride. Because of this difference in length, the chain line needs to be shimmed to work well.

Why You Can Use BMX Cranks on Mountain bikes?

Why you can use BMX cranks on a mountain bike – Here are 4 reasons why Here’s why BMX cranks can be used on a mountain bike:

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1. Different lengths of BMX cranks

The standard for crank arms in the mountain bike business is 175mm. There are different lengths of BMX cranks. The range of lengths is from 170mm to 175mm. Reason?

Different types of BMX riding work better with cranks of different lengths. For flatland or street riding, crank arm lengths of 170mm or less work well. When racing or jumping on a BMX, crank arm lengths of 175mm or more work best. So, if you want to ride your MTB in the park, you can use BMX cranks on a mountain bike for a long time.

Everyone knows that BMX biking is a dangerous sport. So the cranks and everything else on the BMX bike are made to last. Steel or metal alloys like Chromoly are used to make BMX cranks. The choice of material for a crank is important for ensuring that the crank arms are strong.

Some cranks come with a warranty that lasts for life, and you can use these cranks on a mountain bike. That shows how long-lasting the cranks are. Serious cyclists, on the other hand, should change their cranks after 5,400 miles of riding.

2. The BMX cranks are lighter

The alloys used to make BMX cranks give them the strength they need while making them lighter. Some BMX cranks weigh less than or equal to 2 pounds.

bmx cranks

2-Piece Vs. 3-Piece Cranks – Which Mountain Bike Design Should You Choose?

Most cranks come in three different styles, or four if you count the 2.5-piece cranks. But if you read the subheading, you might have noticed that we skipped right to either 2-piece or 3-piece cranks.

Well, that’s because most old, kids’, and cheap bikes have cranks that are only one piece. So, if you’re not fixing an old bike, you should stay away from 1-piece cranks. They break easily and don’t work with most of the modern bottom brackets on the market.

On the other hand, the 2.5-piece crank has a removable wedge system that connects the spindle to one of the arms. With the 2.5-piece, you can get the best of both the 2-piece and the 3-piece.

2-Piece Cranks

The spindle is permanently welded or machine-pressed to the crank on the drive side.

Pros Of 2-Piece Cranks

It’s easy to put these cranks on. It would help if you put the sprocket on, push the crank from the bottom bracket, and put the second on the other end.

The 2-piece crank is easier to take care of. Since one crank arm is already welded in place, you only have to worry about the one bolt for the other crank arm. Most two-piece cranks are lighter than three-piece cranks. Because they are hollow, the spindles weigh less. The cranks are stronger because they are bigger around.

Comparison of Mountain Bikes under $200: Find Your Ride” – This link can lead users to a comparison article or chart that evaluates various mountain bike models under $200, comparing their features, durability, and value for money.

Cons of 2-Piece Cranks

Even though cranks are made to last, they sometimes break. If the spindle of a 2-piece crank doesn’t work or breaks, the whole thing has to be replaced. 2-piece cranks cost more. They are also harder to find because they are not the norm for cranks. The standard for modern cranks, 3-piece cranks have a separate spindle and both crank arms.

How to use on A BMX bike?

  • Turn your bike on its side.
  • Take the pedals off by using the spanner or wrench.
  • Next, loosen the cranks. Manufacturers have different ways of putting cranks together. You can use an Allen key on some cranks to tighten a bolt. Some have nuts that you can pinch. Make sure these are loose. Don’t forget to take out the bolt on the other side for cranks made of three pieces.
  • Hold the sprocket of the cycle in place; it is a spline drive. You can add or remove spacers based on how big or small the new cranks are.

bmx mountain bike

If you are replacing similar cranks, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

  • After taking out the cranks, check the bearings. If necessary, replace.
  • Clean the bottom bracket to get rid of the old grease and dirt.
  • Slide the sprocket and the crank arm back into place. If you find it hard to slide the crank arm in, use a hammer to push it in gently. Use the side of the plastic or rubber hammer to keep the crank from getting hurt. Some brands come with a sprocket tool to make this easier.
  • Make sure the crank arms line up.
  • Grease the bolt and tighten the crank.
  • Put the pedals back on after greasing them with oil.


BMX cranks can usually be put on a bike like a mountain bike easily, as the inner bike threads of the bottom bracket and the spindle are the same. Even better, you can use bottom bracket adapters to do a crank swap even when the diameters of the bottom bracket and the spindle are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every crankset work with every bottom bracket?

In general, most cranksets can be put on different bottom bracket shells, but this depends on whether or not the right hardware is available (see next section). When there are problems, they usually have to do with the length and diameter of the crank axle.

How do I know if a crank for my bike will fit?

The two most important things are the axle’s size and the crank’s length. Axle diameter: 19mm and 22mm are the most common axle diameters, so make sure your bottom bracket is compatible before you buy.

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