Can You Put A Beach Cruiser Seat On A Mountain Bike?

Can You Put A Beach Cruiser Seat On A Mountain Bike?

Beach cruisers are common transportation, so you undoubtedly know what they are. These are the traditional bicycles that riders associate with ease and relaxation.

Contrarily, you may need to be made aware that beach cruiser seats can be installed on mountain bikes, and that the resulting combination is great.

The answer is yes. A mountain bike can be equipped with a beach cruiser seat. Adding a suspension upgrade to a mountain bike is a common practice.

Off-roading is where a mountain bike shines. The geometry and suspension are neither designed for smooth pavement nor knobby tires. While gravel bikes are also built for off-road travel, mountain bikes provide a higher capability and flexibility.

Cruiser bicycles are used only for commuting inside urban areas. They are designed to handle only mild dirt paths.

The greatest thing is that you won’t have to purchase a whole new bike. You can do it with little more than some simple tools and a beach cruiser seat. Come with us, and we’ll demonstrate.

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You can use a Beach Cruiser seat on a Mountain Bike:

Indeed, you read it correctly! A mountain bike may have a beach cruiser seat attached to it. It’s a common upgrade for mountain bikes.

beach cruiser seat

Some individuals engage in this behavior for a variety of reasons. In the first place, the seats on beach cruisers are the plushest of any bicycle seat. They’re well cushioned and built to withstand your body weight. Secondly, you can easily locate them.

They are widely available at local bike stores and on the web. And last, the price is reasonable.

If you’re searching for a more comfortable ride, consider placing a beach cruiser seat on your mountain bike!

How to Mount a Beach Cruiser Seat on Your Bike?

Putting a seat designed for a beach cruiser onto a mountain bike is a simple process. It’s so easy that you can accomplish it in minutes. The procedure includes the following steps:

  1. First, take the old saddle off your bike. You may normally undo bolts holding it down for this purpose.
  2. Ensure the holes in the beach cruiser seat and your bike’s frame is aligned, and install the seat.
  3. Third, secure the seat by tightening the bolts. You might break the seat or bike

if you need to provide more torque.

  1. Try your brand-new beach cruiser and check whether the seat suits you. If it doesn’t fit, you may take it off and put the original saddle back on.

Requirements for Installing a Cruiser Saddle on a Mountain Bike:

mountain bike with beach cruiser seat

The Correct Seat Post Size

As previously stated, installing a cruiser saddle on a mountain bike requires a new seat post built for such a saddle. The seat post must fulfill certain requirements for the conversion to be successful.

In an ideal situation, the diameter of the replacement seat post will equal that of the original. Additionally, it is feasible to utilize a seat post with a smaller diameter and a shim.

Usually, MTB saddle posts have a diameter of 31.6mm. Check the markings on the seat post or its grip to determine the seat post size on your bicycle. You may determine the diameter of the seat post by using a caliper or a ruler if necessary.

Note: The seat post should have the same or greater height than the original. Otherwise, it may be tough to raise it sufficiently to make pedaling pleasant.

Proper Installation of the Seat Post

Once the proper seat post has been determined, it is time to attach the saddle. Slot it onto the seat post’s smaller diameter part to install the cruiser seat and tighten the clamp.

You may stop the seat post from rusting by applying a small oil coating to its body. It is especially crucial when the frame and seat post are manufactured from different materials. Check read this link for more details on lubricating a seat post.

You must adjust the saddle’s height and it must insert the seat post into the seat tube before the collar can be tightened.

Note: Observe the seat post’s minimum insertion length to avoid damage to the seat post and frame.

The Advantages of Installing a Cruiser Seat on a Mountain Bike

  • Comfortable Riding Position

When cycling in an upright posture, cruiser saddles provide more comfort. When the rider stands upright (back is perpendicular to the ground), weight is transferred toward the rear wheel. Additionally, the contact area between the rider and the saddle expands.

A broader, springier saddle is advantageous since it decreases the tension and vibrations transmitted to the rider’s body. Classic city bikes use cruiser-style saddles rather than competitive saddles.

Downsides of Installing a Cruiser Seat on a Mountain Bike


Cruiser saddles only provide comfort while the rider is upright. If the bicycle’s geometry is more aggressive, a broader saddle might be unpleasant since it generates a great deal of pedaling friction. Therefore, road racers use very small and hard saddles.

An MTB with a cruiser seat is more likely to be functional and comfortable if its geometry is adjusted to favor the rider. Consequently, cruiser seats are often fitted on vintage MTBs that have been transformed into commuter bicycles.


Cruiser seats are huge and employ a spring system to ease the ride. You will surely be disappointed if you put one on a current MTB. This combination gives upright comfort at the tradeoff of added weight.

What You Should Know About Installing Beacher Cruiser Seats on a Mountain Bike?

beach cruiser bike

  • The perfect replacement seat post would be an exact fit for the old one. Users may alternatively choose a thinner post and support it using a shim.
  • Some cruiser saddles include rails that clip into the seat post, allowing easy installation.
  • It is possible to mount a beach cruiser saddle onto a mountain bike, but doing so often necessitates purchasing a new seat post since most mountain bike saddles are not designed to fit into a regular MTB seat post.
  • Cruiser seats are typically used on bicycles with a more relaxed seating position. If you put that saddle on a racing bike, your thighs will constantly rub against it. Consequently, road racers’ saddles tend to be narrower.
  • Compared to racing saddles, beach cruiser seats are noticeably more cumbersome.

In a nutshell, you can install the seat from a beach cruiser on a mountain bike, but the ride quality will be less comfortable with a seat made specifically for a mountain bike. Stick with a beach cruiser seat to ensure the highest level of comfort possible in your seating arrangement.

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