Is Mountain Biking Hard To Learn

Is Mountain Biking Hard To Learn? – [Here’s The Truth]

Mountain biking fascinates everyone. But everyone cannot do it without any practice. Beginners require proper training and skills to do mountain biking.

Mountain biking is not a hard skill to learn. You should start with the easy trails, or choose the right-size bike for you. Additionally, wear protective gear before mountain biking. With practice and patience, you will master mountain biking skills.

Is Mountain Biking A Difficult Process To Learn?

Yes, mountain biking is difficult for beginners. But when you master it, you will enjoy every second of mountain biking.

mountain biking

When you try something new everything feels weird. If you are a beginner you may face some challenges to learn mountain biking. Firstly, you need to learn how to keep balance, as balancing is the most difficult task in mountain biking.

Mountain biking is becoming more challenging due to riding on rough or uneven surfaces. Mountain biking is also dependent on your fitness level.

How Can I Start Mountain Biking As A Beginner?

If you want to start mountain biking, you should start from the easier trails near your forest unpaved paths, that improve your basic biking skills.

Below are some steps from which you can start your mountain biking.

Explore Your Trail:

For mountain biking, you should explore the biking trail. Another common mistake is that you look very close to the bike. In this way, you cannot see the things that are coming your way. You should try to look in front because it is better to see the trail as much as possible.


In mountain biking, balance is the most important factor. If you want to overcome the obstacles, you need to balance your weight on the bike. You have to do research for encountering different trails and how to overcome them.

Pedal Stroke Efficiency:

One of the biggest challenges for riders is pedal handling. New riders find it difficult and fatigued very quickly. You have to use the correct speed for climbing and descending the mountains, so you have to maintain a good pedal speed.


Jumping is a difficult step for beginners. You have to do enough practice before jumping. This skill is very important when you want to overcome obstacles on difficult paths.

Choosing The Right Bike:

Choosing the right bike is very important because it affects your performance. If you choose the wrong-sized bike, there is a chance of more injuries. Additionally, you get tired and frustrated with a wrong-sized bike.

Below are some more factors that you have to consider for learning mountain biking.

choosing the right bike


Your bike should be of perfect height with your legs. You can also get help from the shop assistant to get the right-sized bike.

Trail Bike:

If you’re a beginner, these bikes are the perfect option for you as they can handle hurdles and obstacles efficiently.

Hardtail Suspension:

With this bike, you will face fewer bumps. These are lighter and need less maintenance as compared to full-suspension bikes.

Aluminum Frames:

You should go for bikes having aluminum frames because they are durable and lightweight. So these bikes will accelerate easier.

Wheel Size:

When you want to overcome friction and obstacles, you will need 27.5” wheels. When you choose the bigger wheels, it will give you a better grip. However, it can make your bike heavier.


For a beginner, an 8-speed bike is perfect. It can handle hills very efficiently and does not require much maintenance.

What Skills Do You Need To Learn Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is hard to learn for beginners; but not impossible. If you start with easy trails and practice patiently, you may quickly improve your riding skills.

Mountain Biking

Skills Required

The following are the skills that a rider should have for mountain biking;

  • Know about braking timing ( when and how to brake).
  • Change your position while riding.
  • Know about uphill and downhill riding.

Fitness Level

A person having any fitness level can start mountain biking. If you are new to riding, you should practice more to achieve your fitness goal. For beginners, you should start with the easy trails. Initially, take breaks between mountain biking and have some rest. After break again starts your practice. With time, you will develop enough strength and fitness.


Mountain biking is not a hard process to learn. You can learn it by practicing hard.

To start mountain biking, you have to choose the right size bike for you. Additionally, balance is the key factor in mountain biking. For this process, you should know that the braking system is also an important factor.

Hope this guide will be helpful for you in learning mountain biking skills.

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