How Many Calories Do You Burn Mountain Biking?

How Many Calories Do You Burn Mountain Biking? – [Explained]

If you want to lose weight while riding a mountain bike, then this article is for you.

Outdoor sports are a great way of losing calories. You will achieve your maximum results in a short time. Because you can burn a considerable amount of calories per unit of time during mountain biking.

Mountain biking requires a high energy supply. On average, you can burn 600 to 900 calories per hour of mountain riding. Additionally, a rider can burn 65-100 calories in a mile. If a rider wants to burn one pound of weight, he needs 4-5 hours of riding.

Let’s discuss the calorie-burning process of a mountain bike rider in detail.

How Many Calories Can You Burn With Mountain Biking?

On average, you can burn 450 to 750 calories per hour from mountain biking.

Calories provide you with enough energy to perform everyday tasks. But when these calories are exceeded, it will result in weight gain. Resultantly, weight gain will lead to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Calorie burning varies greatly in mountain biking. For example; if you want to burn 2,000 kilocalories with a 154.3lb weight, you should cycle for 2 hours.

Ways To Burn More Calories On Mountain Biking?

No doubt, mountain biking is one of the best methods to burn calories. You can make mountain biking more effective in several ways; let’s learn that way.

Burn More Calories On Mountain Biking

Increase biking intensity:

When you increase the intensity of your physical activity, your heart beats faster and in this way, you will burn more calories. To achieve it in a better way, you can increase the pedaling speed for a long time. In this way, this activity will turn into high-intensity training.

Add more uphill:

Mountain biking is equal to the task of 8.5. But if you incorporate more uphill it will be 14. It makes a big difference.

Pedal in hard gear:

When you pedal in harder gear, it will increase your ride’s intensity. But you shouldn’t do this in climbs because it can damage your bike’s cassette.

Don’t stop pedaling:

You should not stop pedaling while riding a mountain bike. You should maintain a constant steady speed and pedal even on the downhill. Pedaling will be very effective if you don’t take a break in between.

Take longer rides:

When you go for longer rides, it will increase your fitness level and burn more calories.

Can Mountain Biking Aid In Your Weight Loss?

Yes, mountain biking is very helpful in weight loss. It is a great cardio activity and burns calories effectively. Additionally, it improves your blood flow, reduces stress levels, improves your heart health, and strengthens your muscles.

Mountain Biking

Factors Affecting The Calories-Burning Process During Mountain Biking:

Calories burned during mountain biking depend on many factors.

On average, you can burn 13 calories per minute while mountain riding. It means on average, you can burn 780 calories per hour on mountain biking. But it can vary with some factors. Let’s discuss them.

Riding Trail:

If you ride fastly, you will burn more calories. It is obvious that if you work more hard, the more you burn. Additionally, if you follow a difficult trail it requires more effort to cover it, resultantly you will burn more calories.

If you follow your trail at a slow speed having no hurdles and obstacles, it will make you lose fewer calories. So riding a trail significantly affects your calorie-burning process.

Difficulty Of Terrain:

Apart from uphill or downhill, the actual riding ground also matters a lot. When you ride on smooth ground, it will not require any effort, so it doesn’t burn any calories.

On the other hand, riding on rockier or uneven surfaces requires more physical force and thus burns more calories.

Riding Time:

Riding time or distance you cover during a ride is important. If you spend more time riding, it will burn more calories.

Different people have different capacities of riding per hour. Some people burn more calories in an hour if they follow the trail at a higher speed. On the other hand, if you cover the same distance at a low speed it will burn fewer calories.

mountain biking

So your fitness level and speed matter a lot during riding time.

Final Argument

Mountain riding requires considerable energy (calories). Calories burned on a mountain ride depend on many factors.

The more effort you put in while riding your bike it will burn calories accordingly. If you do more physical activity, it results in a considerable loss of calories.

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