How To Convert A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike?

How To Convert A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike? – [Explained]

If you want to save your money, there is no need to buy a new gravel bike for your road trips. Instead, transform your mountain bike into a gravel bike.

Converting a mountain bike to a gravel bike is quite a simple task. If you want longer road trips and adventures a gravel bike is perfect for you. A gravel bike is lightweight to easily pass through difficult routes. You can transform it yourself or get professional help.

Let’s read out this guide and explore which modification steps you need to convert a mountain bike to a gravel bike.

Features Of Gravel Bike:

Gravel bikes come with mudguards and racks. So they are very convenient and safe for road trips and adventures.

Additionally, it comes with a stable frame. These features make these bikes suitable for every season. Furthermore, it is very faster and lighter than mountain bikes.

Converting A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike:

When you want something new in your mountain bike, you can convert it into a gravel bike. You will have to do it with a few modifications, and your mountain bike will convert into a bike ready to tackle all road hurdles.

Below are some steps to follow for converting a mountain bike into a gravel bike.

Gear System:

Gravel bikes require more gearing options than mountain bikes. Generally, both gravel and mountain bikes need the same 2:1 number of gears.

Exchange Tires:

The first step of this process is to exchange the mountain bike tires with more suited tires for gravel bikes.

There are many choices for gravel bike tires. Usually, tires with a 35-45mm range are used. These tires offer more friction and cushioning on rough surfaces.

New Pedals:

Pedals of mountain bikes are slightly slippery if they get wet. So you must buy good gravel-specific pedals.

Moreover, it will aid in strongly planting your feet on long climbs or roads.

Mountain Bike Pedals

Change Brakes:

Disc brakes are suitable for gravel bikes. If your mountain bikes do not have disc brakes then you have to exchange brake pads and rotors with something that should be compatible with disc brakes.

However, it is very necessary to get the right size rotors and pads for your bike.

Shock Absorber:

To convert your mountain bike into a gravel bike, install a shock absorber. This shock absorber should be tougher than the regular mountain bike.

For gravel bikes, you will need a more robust shock absorber because these bikes go through challenging surfaces at a higher speed.

Adjust the Handlebars and Saddle:

For longer rides, ensure that the bike’s saddles should be in a comfortable position.

Additionally, it is very important to consider that the handlebar is at a good height for the utmost control. Both of these factors are important for riding on gravel bikes.

Install Fenders:

Fenders help in keeping you clean when you ride in muddy or wet conditions. Additionally, fenders keep your face clean from dirt and water. These installations make your mountain bike a gravel-crushing machine.

Reduce The Weight:

Converting a mountain bike to a gravel bike improves its performance and efficiency. It will make your bike very lightweight. So the parts that you replace should also be lightweight.

You can not change the frame of the bike but all the accessories like tires, handlebar, and shock absorber can easily be replaceable. Additionally, remove all those accessories and equipment that are not needed.

What Is The Difference Between Mountain Bikes And Gravel Bikes?

Difference Between Mountain Bikes And Gravel Bike

Mountain bikes and gravel bikes have specific purposes. But gravel bikes are more comfortable and efficient for a comfortable riding experience.

Here we discuss some differences between the features of mountain and gravel bikes. Let’s discuss them.

Tire Size:

Mountain bikes come with slim tires. However, you can exchange them with larger tires. They have thick tires for good support and better stability.


Mountain bikes consist of light metal like carbon fiber or aluminum which makes them lighter. It is very lightweight, which makes it suitable for difficult or dangerous paths. On the other hand, gravel bikes come with stiffer and sturdier structures thus making them suitable to carry loads.


A gravel bike is taller with a sleek design whereas a mountain bike comes with a shorter frame. Gravel bikes come with comfortable riding but you feel difficulty off-road. On the other hand, mountain bikes are ideal for riding down mountain roads.


Gravel bikes come with disc brakes. Disc brakes offer stability and reduce the risk of slipping and falling on rough or uneven surfaces. On the other hand, mountain bikes generally come with cantilever brakes. So these brakes cannot work alone because they are dependent on rims.

Importance Of Converting A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike

Below we discussed some reasons why you should convert a mountain bike into a gravel bike.

Converting A Mountain Bike To A Gravel Bike

Enhance Your Riding Skills:

As gravel bikes are slightly uncomfortable to ride, a constant upright sitting position with the bumping vibration will enhance your riding skills. Additionally, it also aids you in evening out your pedal strokes thus helping in improving the bike handling.

Gives A Better Ride:

Like mountain bikes, gravel bikes also give you a pleasant and pure riding experience as they easily go through unpaved roads. Additionally, gravel bikes also offer more performance with great speed on any road.


Gravel bikes are versatile and comfortable for any route trip. Furthermore, you can go through muddy roads with gravel bikes.


Converting a mountain bike into a gravel bike requires some techniques, but you can do it easily. You can follow the above-mentioned instructions and you are done.

You have to ensure that all the parts of the mountain bike should be correctly converted to gravel bike to avoid any problems.

You can convert a mountain bike to a gravel bike yourself or take professional help.

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