Can You Use Hiking Shoes For Mountain Biking?

Can You Use Hiking Shoes For Mountain Biking? – [Explained]

I love wearing hiking shoes; when I purchased a mountain bike, I started wondering if I should use hiking shoes for mountain biking.

For that, I did little research and got to know that;

Mountain biking requires proper footwear, but choosing the right kind may be challenging. For a wide variety of cycling, particularly if you like mountain biking, hiking boots seem like a reasonable choice.

However, is cycling with hiking shoes a good idea? Can your mountain bike be in hiking shoes?

Yes, Hiking shoes may be used for mountain biking if the surface is comparable to cross-country biking. You may need to use proper mountain bike shoes if biking in more strenuous terrain, such as downhill.

There are still many factors to consider while choosing cycling shoes, so continue reading!

Can You Mountain Bike In Hiking Shoes?

If you don’t have your favorite pair, hiking shoes are an acceptable option for mountain riding. Hiking shoes are adaptable and designed to survive long stretches of hiking and walking.

Hiking Shoes For Mountain Biking

Compared to typical riding shoes, hiking boots often weigh more. Ensure you have a pair of hiking shoes that can endure the rigors of bicycling if you opt to go with them.

Flat-pedaled mountain bikers benefit greatly from wearing hiking boots. Over regular shoes, they provide greater warmth and additional protection. Waterproof versions are even better since they can withstand more types of weather.

Performance hiking boots feature additional design versatility. When riding for extended hours, this is great. The added ankle support that performance hiking shoes provide is missing from regular hiking shoes. You need to guard your ankles if you’re doing a lot of hopping and pushing your bike up steep hills.

Reasons For Using Hiking Shoes For Mountain Biking:

One of the activities that are simple to participate in is hiking. The biggest benefit is that you all need excellent hiking boots and a survival kit with no particular abilities. Like running, mountain biking needs running shoes, a survival kit, and other safety equipment.

So, if you like hiking and trail riding, you can see mountain bikes with your hiking shoes. But in addition to their durability, hiking shoes are a viable alternative to mountain bike shoes for the following reasons:

Hiking Shoes

1. The Soles Of Hiking Shoes Are Durable:

When hiking and mountain biking, it would be excellent to traverse difficult terrain with several challenges. Regular athletic shoes will rapidly lose their soles, given how hard the paths are.

However, hiking shoes feature solid soles. It was specifically designed for harsh settings that normal shoes cannot withstand. Due to this, hiking shoes will last a long time regardless of how difficult the paths are.

Similarly, you need mountain bike shoes with tough bottoms to increase the force you put into pedalling. Additionally, the tough soles protect your feet from pain caused by cycling for hours.

2. Gives Superior Surface Traction:

Walking on surfaces is made much easier with hiking shoes. In particular, if a hiking route has a slippery surface, it avoids unintentional falls. The excellent traction of hiking shoes is helpful while riding a mountain bike. It makes cycling simpler by preventing your feet from sliding off the pedals.

3. Hiking Shoes Can Tolerate Damage:

When mountain biking, you must constantly pedal to reach your target. Mountain bike shoes are put through a lot of wear and tear. Therefore they must be quite robust. Fortunately, hiking boots are tough enough to handle the challenging terrain of mountain biking.

4. Waterproof Hiking Shoes Are Accessible:

When riding a mountain bike, the rain might come at any time. It is good to have a pair of waterproof shoes for this reason. You won’t have to endure having your feet soaked while wearing damp shoes this way.

If you have, you may use your waterproof hiking shoes as mountain bike footwear.

5. Hiking Boots’ Soles Go Nicely With Flat Pedals:

Hiking boots go nicely with mountain bikes with flat pedals if they are not too big. Since flat pedals don’t need specific footwear, pedalling with hiking boots should be simple.

Some mountain bikers have used hiking shoes when out on the trail. It’s time to investigate if this is a good call to make when you are unsure or have a pair lying around that will work.

Pros and Cons of Using Hiking Shoes for Mountain Biking

Shoes for biking


  • Hiking shoes are among the most functional outdoor footwear you can own.
  • Suppose you utilize hiking shoes instead of purchasing mountain bike shoes. In that case, you are saving a lot of money since most individuals who like the outdoors already possess hiking shoes.
  • Most hiking boots are stiffer and more durable than other boots, making them ideal for cycling.
  • Hiking shoes are designed to provide you with excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, which offers them an edge when used for mountain biking. If you ride tough trails, the grip on your pedals is crucial.
  • Regarding weather conditions, hiking shoes are built to survive difficult weather; in this sense, they are quite similar to mountain biking shoes.
  • They are sturdy enough to withstand the harsh circumstances of mountain biking.
  • Compared to biking shoes, most individuals find hiking shoes to be far more approachable.


  • It’s most probable that hiking boots will cost more than mountain bike boots.
  • While most hiking shoes have stiff soles, some are still rather flexible. If you wear these shoes for mountain biking, their flexibility may hinder your pedalling.
  • Some hiking shoes are often a touch too big.
  • Hiking shoes are designed with soles that can handle uneven outdoor terrain. Therefore they may not fit the pedals of all mountain bikes.
  • However, certain hiking sole shoes aren’t the finest for grasping bike pedals, even if that might be beneficial for mountain riding.

How Are Hiking Shoes Different Than Biking Shoes?

The bottoms of the shoes are what distinguish hiking from riding the most. To offer grip on slick surfaces and absorb stress from uneven terrain, hiking shoes need thick, cushioned soles. A mountain biking shoe features a light, speedy, thin sole that promotes agility.

Difference between Biking Shoes and Hiking Shoes

When you walk into a shop and look at hiking shoes and bike shoes, you will often discover more hiking shoe alternatives than bicycling ones.

Your demands might be diverse and as long or short as you need. There may be fewer alternatives or support in cycling shoes.

When choosing to choose hiking shoes over bicycling shoes, there are a few considerations and factors to take into account:

  • The initial expense is higher
  • Too much pedal flexibility

The hiking boots will cost you more initially than the biking shoes you saw across the aisle. It is a result of the construction and design of these shoes. They may be expensive and often include higher-grade material all the way through.

Some of them could seem flexible, which might be problematic if you are pedalling. When mounting an incline, you don’t want the shoes to flex so much that you lose control of your bike and begin to slide.

Some of them seem flexible, and if you are pedalling, that could be a concern. You do not want the shoes to bend so much that you lose your grip and your bike starts sliding when you are climbing up an incline.


Because hiking shoes are so adaptable, they may be used for numerous outdoor sports, including mountain biking, if the pedals are flat. You may wear hiking shoes if you want to start mountain biking. They will provide you with a terrific grip but won’t be as effective for power transmission as specialized Mountain biking shoes are.

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