Are Vans Shoes Good For Mountain Biking

Are Vans Shoes Good For Mountain Biking? – [This Is Better…]

When we talk about mountain bikes, we can’t avoid the type of shoes to wear while riding a mountain bike. You might think, Can I Ride My Mountain Bike In Van’s shoes?

Yes! Due to their non-slip soles, Vans shoes are good for mountain biking. However, they are only compatible with flat pedals. Vans shoes are significantly less expensive than other mountain biking footwear.

They are inexpensive, simple to wear, and have a strong grip! However, you can lose traction in muddy or wet conditions. It is a good idea that you are considering Vans shoes among your options. Here’s a complete guide about wearing van shoes for mountain biking.

We have created a guide that covers Are Scott’s Mountain Bikes Good We discussed.

Can I Wear Vans Shoes While Riding My Mountain Bike?

Those considering mountain biking should know that a good pair of shoes will make the ride more comfortable. Therefore, you are probably contemplating wearing a pair of Vans shoes.

Vans Shoes for mountain biking

When it comes to outdoor activities such as skateboarding, Vans are indeed remarkable. As such, these primarily skate shoes that are comfortable to wear and have excellent traction on skateboard surfaces.

A pair of Vans skate shoes may suffice for beginners, given that their flexibility enables greater control. However, Vans may not be the best option in more advanced trials and in terms of power and performance.

You do not need specific footwear if you are a beginner or intermediate mountain biker. However, the more advanced you are as a cyclist, the more important it is that you invest in mountain biking shoes that are specifically designed for cycling.

The Pros and Cons of Using Vans Mountain Biking Shoes:

So, while Vans shoes are not optimal for mountain biking, it’s important to know the benefits and drawbacks of these shoes to make a well-informed decision.

  • Having a pair of Vans is not only for skaters; many people who don’t skate wear them because of their iconic style.
  • You probably already possess a pair of Vans sneakers since, as previously said, they are both fashionable and comfy.
  • In addition to skateboarding and mountain biking, Vans shoes are suitable for regular usage since they are comfortable, fashionable, and soft.
  • The fact that the soles of Vans shoes are sufficiently padded will lessen the stress on your feet and knees should you find yourself leaping off your bike.
  • When mountain riding, Vans shoes’ flexibility will give you more control over your feet.
  • Most Vans shoes are designed to be so light that you will scarcely notice them when mountain riding.
  • The price of Vans footwear is quite high. Some can cost as much as several pairs of regular mountain biking shoes.
  • Because of the lack of rigidity in the soles of your Vans shoes, you won’t be able to get the most out of your pedaling efforts.
  • Being designed as skate shoes, Vans are likelier to have a better grip on skateboard surfaces than pedal surfaces.
  • There is no way that Vans can withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors. If you’re hiking a difficult trail, you might see your Vans snagged on a twig and torn open.

Do I Require Special Footwear For Mountain Biking?

Vans Shoes on bike pedals

If your mountain bike has flat pedals, you do not need mountain bike-specific footwear. However, if your mountain bike has clipless pedals, you must purchase cleats.

You cannot use Vans shoes if your mountain bike has clipless pedals. This item is incompatible. However, Vans footwear is suitable for mountain bikes with flat pedals. Since Vans shoes are incompatible with clipless pedals, we will discuss only flat pedals.

Why should you consider purchasing special mountain bike shoes for flat pedals if you do not need them?

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You are owed to grasp! A flat, ultra-grippy shoe gives more surface area for adhering to flat pedals. If there is more contact between your foot and the pedal, you will have more power, better stability, and be safer while pedaling your bicycle.

If your shoes are slick, it is difficult to retain bike control, and your foot may constantly fall off the pedals. Before I continue, let me explain the distinction between flat pedals and clipless.

Who Might Purchase Vans shoes for Mountain Biking?

Even though there are several mountain bike shoe brands available, Vans are still a decent option for pump tracks, bike parks, and non-muddy trails. They provide sufficient traction for certain riding types. Or, if you’re starting mountain biking and don’t want to spend too much, Vans will serve you well.

However, you ride on more challenging terrain where trail conditions become muddy. In that case, consider alternative brands with tread patterns that shed mud more easily while still providing excellent traction.

Quality shoes may be more expensive, but they will last long. And you cannot put a price on the safety, control, and enjoyment that additional grip provides!

Which Vans Shoes Are The Best For Mountain Biking?

Even though skate shoes and sneakers have flat soles, they could be better for mountain biking. They are preferred to running shoes and most other casual/work footwear.

Still, their soles need to be more robust to prevent your foot from wrapping around the pedal on difficult terrain, while landing jumps or drops, or when performing a great deal of uphill trail climbing.

The tackiness of the rubber sole is also immediately seen to be much different. The rubber on the mountain biking shoes allows the pedal pins to sink in and remain in place until the foot is lifted off.

Additionally, you should consider the level of protection a shoe provides for your foot. Consider the situation if you are speeding down a trail while weaving between rocks and trees instead of leisurely riding through a park.

Shoes for biking

Eventually, you will kick a rock or a tree and discover how well your footwear protects your toes and feet.


Vans are suitable mountain bike footwear due to their powerful grip. However, that powerful grip will be useless if you ride in muddy or wet environments.

Vans is an excellent option if you are a beginner, casual rider who frequents trails that do not get too muddy. However, if you ride on more challenging terrain with muddy and wet trail conditions, consider the brands I have listed above.

The mountain bike shoe brands discussed above may be pricey, but their high-quality shoes will surely last a long time and provide the necessary support!

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