Are Skateboard Shoes Good For Mountain Biking?

Are Skateboard Shoes Good For Mountain Biking? – [Explained]

Our mountain bike community organized a meet-up where one of the new riders asked a question: are skateboard shoes good for mountain biking?

After a little research, I got to know that;

More than simply purchasing a decent mountain bike, developing your abilities, and maintaining your love are needed to excel in mountain biking. The proper tools and equipment must also be available to you. Shoes are one of the most significant ones.

In keeping with this, more and more mountain bikers are switching to skateboard shoes. They function similarly to mountain bike shoes because of their gripping soles and low-profile bodies, which is the primary cause of this.

Because of their informal structure and design, they may be used to various circumstances. But are skateboarding shoes good for mountain biking? Or does this subject mountain bikers to undiscovered risks and drawbacks?

Continue reading to learn more about wearing skateboarding shoes when mountain riding.

Can You Use Skateboard Shoes For Mountain Biking? Are They Good Enough?

Skateboard Shoes For Mountain Biking

Like any other outdoor sport, mountain biking requires certain equipment when riding. This idea also applies to the footwear you should wear while mountain biking since numerous types of footwear are designed particularly for that activity.

If you need mountain bike shoes, what then? The lack of mountain biking shoes among novice mountain bikers is understandable, given their lack of commitment to the activity and the high cost of MTB footwear.

In this respect, skate shoes differ from mountain bike footwear since they are fashionable and convenient enough to be worn daily. Because skate shoes are trendy and comfy, many individuals possess them even when they do not skate.

Are skate shoes OK for mountain riding if you don’t have any mountain bike shoes?

Technically speaking, if you’re a novice, you can wear skate shoes for mountain biking. In fact, if you’re starting, any daily shoe will work for mountain riding.

Therefore, many individuals use classic skate shoes, trainers, sneakers, and running shoes for mountain biking, mainly if they have not yet made a significant investment in the sport. Most often, only those who care enough about mountain riding to purchase mountain bike shoes do so.

However, if you are starting, the terrain and moves you will be using won’t be too challenging for you to notice any apparent drawbacks of wearing skate shoes.

However, when you continue to grow as a mountain biker taking more tough routes, performance suddenly becomes a vital component that may make or break your riding experience. Due to this, skate shoes are only appropriate for beginners and are not recommended for usage by experienced mountain bikers.

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What are the benefits of using skateboard shoes when mountain biking?

Skateboard Shoes For Biking

Maximum Protection:

You cannot get the protection you need for mountain riding in regular jogging or tennis shoes. When you traverse a mountain path, you put your feet at risk. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to wear something that doesn’t provide the finest protection possible.

It would be best if you used shoes with a wide toe box that will give you more time to enjoy your riding experience while protecting your ankles from injury.

Some cycling shoes contain a synthetic canvas that increases ankle protection while keeping dirt and tiny stones out of your shoes.

Their midsoles provide a robust defense against foot bruising and tiredness, which lessens the experience. More significantly, they feature a large amount of water resistance, deflecting dirt and liquids that sink in and eventually harm your shoes.

Affordable Price Tag:

Although not all skate shoes fall into this category, most are often less expensive than MTB shoes, making them the best option for novices or those on a tight budget.

Considering that you may use this in various settings, it becomes even more advantageous since you won’t need to purchase a separate kind of shoe for casual use or even for skateboarding if you like both sports.

Give Support:

Despite having a similar look to conventional shoes, mountain bike shoes don’t have the same characteristics. Some of these characteristics, like the rigidity of the midsoles, are only apparent while wearing them.

Any pair of shoes with a firm midsole reduces the strain you experience while pedaling by improving your energy efficiency. It allows your foot to work less while still producing maximum output.

It will be especially useful when riding long distances or on challenging ascending paths. Your feet will benefit greatly from the additional support mountain bike shoes provide, enabling you to have a fun-filled day exploring the mountain routes.


Skateboard shoes are very adaptable, which is their finest feature. It indicates that they have a wider range of applications than merely mountain biking, as is the case with MTB shoes.

Because they may use a skate shoe more often for various activities, many bikers purchase one over a genuine mountain bike shoe for this reason. They also don’t seem strange if you wear them grocery shopping or at the workplace.

Efficient Power Transfer:

Your feet can transmit all of your energy to the pedals when you wear the right mountain bike shoes.

The cushioned midsoles of standard cycling shoes absorb a portion of your force before delivering the remainder to the pedals, but the rigid soles enable you to direct your whole force to the pedals with no loss.

By allowing you to push or pull on the pedals, mountain bikes with clipless pedals also let you harness more power.


Because they are streamlined, low-profile, and fashionable, skateboard shoes have excellent designs. They appeal to young and middle-aged adults since they are straightforward and useful.

Due to their flexibility, they are also designed to be utilized on rocky terrain. Due to their ability to thrive despite being filthy or coated in mud, you won’t even need to give them a regular cleaning.

Disadvantages of Skate Shoes on Mountain Biking

shoes for mountain biking


If you’re skating, skate shoes are comfy to wear. However, they could be better if you intend to use them for mountain riding. Because their construction bends with your feet, they might create cramping and hurt your feet’ soles.

It also occurs when you wear regular walking or running shoes. Running shoes function just like regular shoes, resulting in poor performance when bicycling.

While good mountain bike shoes are wonderful for mountain riding, running shoes are great for running. That’s all there is to it. Never bike in your everyday shoes since mountain biking is an outdoor pastime that requires challenging actions.

They work great for short leisurely rides in your neighborhood, but we don’t advise using them if you want to go far or participate in an endurance ride on a nearby trail.

Shorter Shoe Lifespan:

If you want to use your skate shoes exclusively for mountain biking, you risk ruining them. It occurs due to the sharp pins in your pedals that hold your shoes in place.

Skate shoes are famous for having strong traction, but their bottoms are not designed to withstand items with sharp points, such as the pins on the pedal. However, these things by wearing the right mountain bike shoes.

If gum soles are forced too firmly on the pins, more chancing goes for ruining them in less time. Additionally, they often develop floppy sides because their sole separates from the inside. But if you have the right mountain bike shoes, none of them concern you.

Even if you have the most precise mountain bike pedals, the general structure of your shoes will remain intact. It’s because they are best suited for tough conditions.

Pedaling Efficiency:

Even with skate shoes on, you can ride a bike. However, this will make pedaling less effective.

It implies that due to the unusual shape and positioning of your foot on the pedals, your effort will get wasted only. Skate shoes aren’t ideal for you if you plan on making lengthy cross-country journeys.


Skate shoes are good mountain riding shoes. But only if you take a quick trip around your neighborhood or a ride through some minor trails.

However, since its sole may slip on your flat pedals, they are unsafe if you like enduro or downhill riding. On skateboards, skateboard shoes often feature very sticky gum bottoms. On flat pedals, they still cling nicely, although they have a decent propensity to slip.

And if it occurs, you should prepare for severe injuries. While wearing skate shoes with flat pedals, pedal strikes are rather prevalent.

It occurs when your foot slips and the pedals’ pointed pins scratch your shin legs. But if you wear the right MTB shoes, you can prevent this.

The finest mountain bike shoe pedals are clipless because they eliminate the risk of a pedal strike by attaching the pedal directly to the shoes.

Since clipless pedals lack pins, you’re safe. Especially if you’re used to riding flat pedals, make sure you know how to unclip from your clipless pedals.


When mountain biking, always use the appropriate footwear to prevent foot injuries. So choose the footwear that also gives you pleasure; having the right footwear on your bike can help you save energy as you pedal up and down the mountain route.

You need footwear that is supportive, sturdy and provides the highest level of safety. Skateboard shoes are not the best choice for mountain biking since they cannot withstand the harsh conditions of the mountainous terrain and wear out rapidly.

For a smooth ride, invest in sturdy shoes with supportive midsoles.

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