Are Polygon Mountain Bikes Good?

Are Polygon Mountain Bikes Good? – [Complete Information]

Whether you are out for a mountain bike or a workout bicycle, the first question you ask yourself is, which the best brand is? Polygon mountain bikes are getting popular, and most people are confused are polygon mountain bikes good investment.

The answer is YES. Polygon bikes are durable, versatile and well-performing bikes at affordable prices. Being a bike aficionado, I tried my best to find important information about Polygon bikes and help you make the right decision.

What are Polygon bikes?

Founded in 1989, the Polygon brand is best known for producing high-quality products with advanced technology at affordable prices. The Indonesian bicycle company has a globally connected design team and is mostly used as a sponsor in bicycling competitions.

Polygon Bike

The name Polygon comes from the closed plane geometric figure featuring several sides, also known as a polygon. The idea is to convey the message of a company with various sides and qualities.

What Types of Bikes Do Polygon Manufacture?

Polygon produces a wide range of bikes, from basic bikes for kids to downhill race-winging machines. Here are some major bikes manufactured by Polygon.

  • Mountain bikes

Polygon manufactures mountain bikes for Cross-country, Trail, Enduro, Downhill (DH), Leisure, and women’s bikes.

  • Urban bikes

Polygon is famous for producing high-quality urban bikes, including Utility, Tandem, City, Hybrid, and folding bikes.

  • Road Bikes

Polygon also manufactures the best road bikes for endurance, flat bar, and Cyclocross road bikes.

  • Youth bikes

Being a budget friend, Polygon is one of the most popular brands in the new generation. Polygon bikes for kids are extremely popular for their durable build quality and innovative designs.

  • BMX Bikes

Polygon has been producing BMX, dirt jump, and pump track bikes for decades.

Are Polygon bikes reliable?

There is no question about the durability of Polygon bikes. Albeit, some Polygon bike owners claim that the bike brand offer flashes top-end components such as Fox suspension along with a shimano drivetrain. They may skim in less obvious areas, including wheels and seat posts. However, the new polygon bikes feature an ideal balance of all-around components.

So many people are curious are mountain bikes good for long distances? You can read a detailed guide.

Are Polygon Bikes Durable?

Polygon mountain bike

Polygon bike frames are durable and well made, but it depends on how much you spend and also if the bike is being properly used for its intended purpose. The more you spend, the better components you will get, which last longer than ordinary bikes.

Why are Polygon Bikes cheap than other bikes?

Polygon bikes are up to 40% more inexpensive than contemporary bikes because they sell directly to customers. In simple words, they pass on the discount to the customers rather than the retailers.

Pros and Cos of Polygon bikes

  • Manufactured with superior quality materials
  • Excellent customer support
  • A wide variety of bikes is available
  • Budget friendly price
  • Hard to navigate website
  • Polygon bikes technology

One of the unique things about Peloton is that the brand makes a huge investment in research. They always love to stay ahead of their competitors in terms of the latest technology. The high-quality components from well-known brands like Shimano, Ritchey, and Fox give them a distinctive identity in the biking universe. Remember, Polygon bike grams are approved by UCI.

FS independent Floating suspension

This new platform allows Polygon to create an independent suspension. It perfectly splits up the suspension behavior and the rear-back movement. This allows the rider to feel an incredibly smooth ride even on rough and bumpy terrains. Also, the brand works on technical trails while maintaining the bike suspension’s progressiveness.

  • ADG

Another standout technology of Polygon bikes is the ADG. The famous mountain bike brand has made a few significant changes to the product geometry.

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However, such minor adjustments have made a huge difference, especially when it comes to chasing the clock. Polygon has created ADD with the flip chip system to allow riders to adjust small changes required to get ideal performance.

  • ACX Carbon

ACX Carbon is another notable technology of Polygon bikes. The brand has taken the bikes to an entirely new level with the development of Carbon Fiber technology. ACX is popular for its lightweight, strong, and sturdy nature which is widely used in manufacturing heavy-duty frames.

Acx carbon

It is an ideal combination of high modulus M series carbon along with the Toray T700, optimizing the strength and sturdiness of the Polygon bikes. Also, ACX carbon frames are made with the weight savings that riders are always looking for without compromising on the endurance of durability.

Final Words

So, Polygon bikes are a great alternative for those who want to buy a semi-pro or professional bike. The combination of durable manufacturing materials, innovative technology, and modern designs with lower prices gives them a unique identity.

However, like other bikes, there are some drawbacks to Polygon mountain bikes. It is essential to go for the bike that suits your budget and riding style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Polygon bikes better than trek?

When it comes to price and build quality, Polygon beats everyone. Polygon bikes are better than the trek in terms of wheels, brakes, and other components. Trek bikes are expensive, whereas Polygon offers better value for the money.

Where are Polygon Mountain bikes made?

Polygon Mountain bikes are made by an Indonesian bicycle manufacturer named PT Insera Sena, and the company is based in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia.

Does Polygon Bike Come Tubeless?

Polygon bikes are available in tubeless design, but you will find this feature in only mid to high-end bikes.

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