Are Mountain Bikes Good for Wheelies?

Are Mountain Bikes Good for Wheelies? – [Detailed Answer]

Many adventure junkies and young boys enjoy taking their bikes for a spin and performing various stunts with their bicycles that provide them with satisfaction unlike any other.

Wheelies are one of the most popular bike tricks for various reasons. Not only do wheelies look cool, but they are also simple to perform. Almost anyone can learn how to do a wheelie with a few days of practice.

However, if you want to perform a wheelie like a pro, you must purchase a bike explicitly designed for wheelies. Although you can perform a wheelie on any bike, it is much easier to do so on these special bikes.

Yes, Mountain bikes are considered the perfect bicycle for wheelie because of their lightweight frame geometry, suspension, large and grippy tires, and the material it is made of. Although many other bikes are best for a wheelie, special cycles such as mountain bikes and BMX are ideal.

In this article, let’s discuss what a wheelie is. How to do it perfectly? What factors must be considered in choosing your ideal bike? And are mountain bikes perfect for wheelies?

What is a wheelie, and how to wheelie a bike?

A wheelie is when you only use your rear wheel to ride your bike. To do a wheelie on a bike, you should first have some speed, lean back, and finally, pull up on the handlebars.

wheelie on a bike

You must find your balance point when learning to wheelie for the first time. The balance point is where your bike wheels will be balanced when you perform a wheelie.

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Start riding slowly and standing on your flat pedals to find your vertical balance point. Then, push your weight forward until the front wheel clears the ground. Once you’ve found your balance point, you can practice powering through a wheelie.

Begin by pedaling quickly and then pulling up on the handlebars while continuing to pedal as you approach; lean back slightly to balance your weight over the rear wheel. You must maintain your balance while pedaling quickly to keep the wheelie going. If you begin to slow down or lean too far forward, the front wheel will touch the ground again.

Put your new skills to the test now that you know how to wheelie a slight uphill and see how far you can take them! Who knows, maybe wheelies will become your new favorite way to ride.

Factors to be considered to select the best bike for wheelies

When choosing the best bikes for performing wheelies, there are several factors to consider, such as the material used, geometry, shape, size, and many more. We have discussed some aspects below to choose the best bike for wheelies and other stunts.

bike for wheelies


Bikes are now made of steel, titanium, aluminium, and carbon fiber. When choosing the best bike for yourself, the material is one of the most critical factors.

Most people who want to perform wheelies on their bikes choose bikes with carbon fiber or aluminium frames because they are durable and lightweight. It will be easier to perform wheelies if your bike is light.

Mountain bikes are mostly made up of carbon fiber and aluminium. So, there is a win-win situation for mountain bikes regarding material selection. In this case, mountain bikes are best for performing wheelies.

Frame and Geometry

Almost all mountain bikes released in recent years have well-thought-out C geometry, which helps provide a comfortable ride and is more comfortable and stable on the trails. They help you learn wheelies faster because of the stability they provide.

Rear Brakes

Your bike must have good rear brakes if you want to do wheelies like a pro. For perfect wheelies every time, it is recommended that your cycles have durable disc brakes.

Another good reason to choose a mountain bike for wheelie and other stunts is that all bikes have disc brakes installed at their rear wheels.

Grippy and large tires

To perform a wheelie, it is recommended that tires have a better grip on the road and have a larger surface area because you will put a lot of weight on your bike’s rear wheels (your body’s weight + the bike’s weight).

Mountain bikes come with larger surface area and better grip tires, thus helping individuals to perform wheelies efficiently.

Suspension is used on mountain bikes because it allows you to move your motorbike more smoothly. This not only makes it easier to perform a wheelie, but it also increases your safety.

Are mountain bikes perfect for wheelies?

Yes, definitely; Mountain bikes are considered best for wheelies and doing other stunts because of their lightweight frame material and geometry, durability, quality braking system, and shock absorbers. This gives you an advantage when performing various tricks efficiently without sacrificing safety.

Other than that, mountain bikes have almost no impact when riding on dirt, roots, rocks, or rough terrain. This bike is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to ride a mountain bike and impress their friends and family. A mountain bike can accommodate riders of varying heights and weights.

What Is the best wheel size for wheelies?

There is yet to be a definitive answer regarding the best wheel size for doing wheelies on a BMX bike. However, 26 inches is widely regarded as the standard size. Some argue that 27.5”/650 wheels are more effective because they are more stable and less likely to bounce.

best wheel size for wheelies

However, a recent trend has been to use 29-inch wheels for this purpose, as they provide even more stability and power.

Does the wheelie damage the bike?

Wheelies can damage the tires or suspension. The landing’s impact can result in flat spots or even punctures. If you land on the front wheel first, you may damage the forks. So, always be alert and protect your bike.

Wheelies can also damage the bike frame. The bike’s back end is not designed to support all of your weight, and landing on it too hard can bend or break the structure.

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