Are Mountain Bike Shorts Padded

Are Mountain Bike Shorts Padded? – (Read This First!)

If you are a mountain bike rider, you have to go through difficult paths or surroundings. So you need mountain bike shorts that keep you comfortable during your riding adventures and also prevent you from any injuries.

It depends on your need whether you want a padded mountain bike short or not. Because shorts come in both ways; padded or non-padded. The padded material of the mountain bike shorts is breathable so it keeps you cool during the riding. It also provides a cushioning effect to reduce friction and injury.

In this article, you will get to know all the details about padded mountain bike shorts. So continue reading.

Do Mountain Bike Shorts Come With Padded Material?

Every mountain biking shorts does not come with padding. It depends which type of shorts you need.

Bike Shorts With Padded meterial

Mountain bike shorts have two layers; shorts itself and a liner. The liner offers the padding for the shorts. Padding material offers a cushioning effect to your body and thus prevents you from injuries.

What Is The Material Of Padded Shorts?

Padded shorts are usually made with a spandex-lycra blend. Lycra helps the shorts to maintain their stretchability; as these shorts are stretchable so you can freely move while riding.

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However, the padding of the shorts is made up of gel or foam. Resultantly, this offers support and cushioning effect to the riders preventing any injury and rashes.

Padded shorts come within a huge variety. Some shorts have built-in pads while some have removable pads. Some padded shorts come with synthetic leather pads that efficiently absorb sweat.

Why Should You Need Padded Mountain Bike Shorts?

There are multiple reasons to buy a padded mountain bike shorts for you. In addition to padding, consider the following factors for buying mountain bike shorts for you.


In padded shorts, you will get comfortable riding experience. Padded material in shorts adds life to it. Material of the mountain bike shorts also affects your performance while riding so make sure to buy a high-quality short having good padding material.


Padded Shorts are more durable than normal shorts. Your padded shorts can last for one riding season. Their durability is also dependent on how you wash them. Padded shorts provide you with thick or abrasion-resistant materials that are more durable.

Durability is an important factor while choosing your shorts. Padded shorts come in a variety of colors. It is not recommended to buy light color shorts because they will get dirtier and wet easily.

Riding Style:

Your mountain riding style matters a lot while choosing a padded shorts for you. You will get shorts that have a comfortable material to easily fit you. If you are an extreme rider, then buy thick padded shorts for your riding style to make it protective and durable.

Fitting And Size:

Size and fitting matter a lot for padded shorts. So you should check out the size chart before buying any padded shorts. It is important to consider that your padded shorts should not be too tight or too loose; rather it fits you properly.

Most people prefer ¾ length shorts, as it provides extra warmth and knee protection to your legs. You should properly check out the fitting to avoid any wrong size issues.


Many people prefer pockets in padded shorts. Pockets are helpful in keeping your personal stuff secure. So you should try to buy padded shorts with few pockets.

Adjustable Waist:

Adjustable waist is a most important feature of padded shorts. With an adjustable waist, you will get a comfortable ride.

UV Protection:

Padded shorts also provide you with UV protection. Padding protects your skin against sun exposure during mountain rides.

Importance Of Padded Mountain Bike Shorts:

To keep yourself comfortable during riding, you should buy padded mountain bike shorts. Padded mountain bike shorts have thin and thick adjustable padding material.

bike shorts

Padding is necessary for riders to give them a cushioning effect between the body and the environment. With padded shorts you can ride on a bike for a long time without any difficulty and discomfort.

Additionally, padding is also necessary to reduce friction between your body and the environment. Additionally, padding protects you against injury.

If you fall down while riding on a mountain bike, padding will reduce the risk of bruises and scrapes. Moreover it also keeps you cool and aerated during biking. The padding material is highly bearable that wipes away sweat, and keeps you cool


Like every protective gear, mountain bike shorts also come with protective features like padding. Padded mountain bike shorts help in stretching your legs and ease leg movement. Additionally, padding also minimizes friction and wipes away moisture.

The material of the padded shorts is highly breathable so it keeps you cool during biking. So if you are an enthusiastic rider, buy padded mountain bike shorts.

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