Are Converse Shoes Good For MTB?

Are Converse Shoes Good For MTB? – [Complete Information]

You’re all set with a bike, safety gear, and a helmet. You’re all set to move. However, there is one more item to consider before riding the trails: what do mountain bikers wear on their feet?

Are you looking to find out what shoes are good for mountain biking? It’s crucial to consider shoes while mountain biking.

Although Converse can be used for mountain biking, more specialized shoes with better grip and protection may be preferable. Converse shoes are a good starting point if you don’t have a pair of flat-pedal mountain bike shoes since they give you more grip than regular shoes.

It’s important to think about shoes while mountain riding. If your shoes are fragile, you will lose power on the pedals. Thus you want them to be sturdy.

But they go beyond that.

Are converse shoes really good for MTB?

Ankle support and a snug fit into the pedal cages are two features you should look for in a pair of Converse before you go out on a mountain bike ride.

Converse Shoes

Thus, not all Converse shoes are created equal regarding mountain riding. What this means is that certain pairs of converse shoes have the following technical attributes that make them highly ideal for mountain biking:

1. Durability and adaptability of Converse

It’s easy to see why Converse shoes were first designed for use in sports. Most styles manage to be both rigid and adaptable.

The structural component of a pair of Converse shoes, known as the midsole, provides the necessary rigidity in the shoe by connecting the outside solely to the insole.

The converse is pliable and comfortable for longer riding distances. Still, the disadvantage of most pliable designs is that they need to adequately communicate trail to the delicate nerve endings in the feet and toes.

A pair of Converse with a supportive and sturdy footbed is ideal for bike packing because of the long periods of standing and walking involved.

Converse shoes are always great, but they’re even better when they include a cushioned and supportive footbed.

2. Protection of Converse

Whatever you decide to wear while pedaling, you should invest in shoes that shield your feet from any pebbles or debris that can fly up and hit them.

The Converse I’ll be demonstrating, along with several other well-known styles, has protective armor from reinforced toe boxes and ankle areas.

Most people agree that the New Converse designs resist water splash and chilly conditions. Although this is true, its capacity to withstand a repeated beating from the difficult ground underneath contributes to its desirability for usage in mountain riding.

Converse Shoes for muntain biking

3. The lightweight Converse shoes

You will need shoes that rotate with the pedals with each pedal stroke, and the reduced weight and increased flexibility of Converse shoes make this possible. The fact that they’re so light doesn’t make them any less sturdy when delivering rider power to the motor system.

Even the best mountain biking footwear needs this feature.

4. Lace-ups or buckles

Due to the lack of clipping in, most mountain bike flats have laces. On your bike, having extra straps on your Converse gives you more stability and hides your laces.

5. The sturdiness of Converse shoes

The uppers and soles of a quality mountain bike shoe will stretch and wear down evenly, striking a nice balance between durability and performance.

Because of their sturdy construction, several models of Converse footwear may be worn for many years. The main worry is that your Converse will become creased after some time.

Special Shoes For Mountain Biking


Thus, my opinions on wearing Converse shoes when mountain riding are rather straightforward: Even though it’s not the best option, using everyday shoes like Converse while riding flat pedals is OK if you’re starting.

Undoubtedly, the best mountain bike shoes provide greater stiffness and grip than regular shoes like Converse.

In conclusion, Converse will probably slide on flat pedals, particularly while it’s raining. You risk falling off your bike if you do this. As a result, it is not highly advised.

What do you think about wearing Converse shoes for mountain biking? I’m curious to know your thoughts.

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