Are All Mountain Bike Pedals The Same Size?

Are All Mountain Bike Pedals The Same Size? – [Explained]

I was repairing my mountain bike pedals and suddenly thought came into my mind that all mountain bikes have the same size of pedals.

I did little research and got to know that;

No, not all mountain bikes have the same pedal size; it is said to be universal. But actually, it depends on the thread of crankset you are using.

Individuals who like riding on rough or uneven paths on mountain bikes know the worth of the right bike pedals.

Pedals are such an essential part that their size, shape, and material can affect the speed and way of cycling, even for professional riders.

Pedal size can vary depending on the brand and model of the pedal, and different pedals may be designed for different types of riding or shoe sizes.

So to know the size of the thread of the crankset, you must thoroughly research the types and sizes.

I have compiled a complete guide so that you know that “Are All Mountain Bike Pedals the Same Size.”

Read more to learn.

Are All Mountain Bike Pedals the Same Size?

Unfortunately, mountain bike pedal sizes cannot be standardized.

The size of the crank arms of a mountain bike dictates the minimum and maximum thread sizes that may be used on the pedals, and crank arm sizes change over time and across different models.

Mountain Bike Pedals

It’s possible, for instance, that you’ll need to use a pedal thread of different sizes on an older bike with a one-piece crankset than you would on a more recent cycle from a big brand.

It is because the crankset is a single piece.

Are Bike Pedals Universal?

The answer to this question can be yes and no, too, some people say it is universal, and some say it’s not universal, but in actuality, this requires a suitable thread size for their rank.

In fact;

Pedals with a diameter of 1/2 inch are used with a 1-piece crankset, while those of 9/16 inch is used with 2- and 3-piece cranksets.

As the 9/16 20 TPI size has become the standard for adult motorcycles, only two thread types are used.

All contemporary mountain bikes need the standard thread size of 9/16 20 TPI (threads per inch) for the pedals. Another less frequent thread size is 1/2 20 TPI, often seen on children’s bikes and BMX cycles.

The French thread is 0.55 x 20.32 TPI and is an older, rarer kind (14 mm x 1.25 mm).

As a result, you may be certain that any modern-style mountain bike, whether a mountain bike, hybrid, or road bike, will accept a pedal with a 9/16″ x 20 TPI thread.

Mountain Bike Pedal Thread Sizes:

Bikes with threaded pedals are like a screw with a nut. Do not attempt to attach a pedal thread not designed for it, as you will break the threading and render the connection useless.

Mountain Bike Pedal

Thread pitches for mountain bike pedals range from 9/16 inches to 1/2 inches to 0.55 inches.

Mountain bike pedal thread sizes have increased and decreased over time.

A pedal with a regular bike thread of 20 TPI will not fit on an old French cycle or a child’s bike because of the narrower thread pitch.

1. 9/16″ x 20 TPI:

These 9/16-inch threads, with 20 threads per inch, are the standard size for pedal threads. A wide range of modern mountain bike types and standard road cycles will accommodate.

The 9/16 inch indicates the diameter of the screw on the pedal, while the 20 indicates the total number of threads on the shaft. Standard 3-piece cranks are required to utilize them.

As a result of their widespread availability, pedals with a 9/16-inch thread are among the cheapest options.

The increasing popularity of cycling and mountain riding has resulted in the requirement for a nearly uniform pedal thread size, which the introduction of 9/16-inch thread pedals has met.

If you’re an adult purchasing a semi-professional mountain bike, chances are good that it will have a 9/16-inch pedal thread with 20 TPI.

They effectively function with toe clip, hybrid, or clipless off-road pedals.

2. 0.5 in x 20 TPI:

In terms of frequency of use, the 1/2-inch thread size with 20 threads per inch is the second most frequent.

While major mountain bike manufacturers do not use them, they are common on budget models. Kids’, BMX, and adult road bikes use the same 12-inch thread pedals.

Pedals with a 1/2-inch thread size may only be used on bikes with one-piece or American cranks.

Kids’ pedal platforms or flat pedals are ideal for use with these.

3. 0.55″ x 20.32 TPI:

The French chose to personalize their thread pedals, as they had done many other things and businesses. New kinds of bikes, particularly mountain bikes, seldom include them.

Therefore you probably haven’t heard of them.

Pedals with a 0.55-inch thread size are a period feature on French antique mountain bikes.

Nonetheless, some resourceful mountain bikers have adapted them to the 9/16 inches threads.

Shimano, a Japanese manufacturer of mountain bike components, has tried to create pedals with threads of varying sizes.

As early as over half a century ago, Shimano developed the biggest bike thread pedals, which were thought to provide riders with biomechanical advantages.

They were 1 inch long with 24 threads per inch (TPI) and were branded Dyna Drive.

The problem is that these pedals didn’t survive long, and you can’t get a replacement now if you want one.

How to Measure the Size Of Pedal For Mountain Bike?

Digital calipers may be used to measure the thread width on mountain bike pedals to determine their size.

Measure The Size Of Pedal

You might also inquire with the crank maker or visit a local mountain bike service repair / local bike shop to get an explanation of the correct pedal thread size.

Does The Size Of Your Mountain Bike’s Pedals Make A Difference?

You have less chance of slipping if you have a bigger mountain bike pedal. However, pedals might be excessively large if the platform is bigger than your shoes or the pins don’t fully engage.

You may choose the appropriate pedal depending on the size of your foot and shoes.


The pedal size matters a lot while riding a mountain bike. If you are going to replace the pedals with any other mountain bike, you should check the thread of crankset material, size, and dimensions so that you can use the pedals of any other bike on your bike.

So, that’s all you need to know about the size of a mountain bike’s pedal, and all mountain bike pedals have the same size. Hope this information helps you to answer your queries.

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